Modena vaccine shares soared 7%

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Follow up Novax! Modena developed a new crown and influenza two in one vaccine, and its share price soared 7%.Novel coronavirus pneumonia (COVID-19) and seasonal influenza are being developed by mRNA, a vaccine biotechnology company Moderna (Inc.), which is developing a two in one supplementary vaccine, which can protect people against the new crown pneumonia (COVID-19) and seasonal influenza, and share prices are soaring.


According to reports, novel coronavirus pneumonia released 9 days ago, announced that mRNA-1073 combined with the company’s existing new crown pneumonia vaccine and a flu vaccine still under development.


St é phane Bancel, chief executive of Modena, said in a press release that the action of recruiting patients under its rare disease program has made great progress, and the subjects of clinical trials of personal cancer vaccine have been recruited. It is believed that this should be the beginning of a new generation of information-based medicine.


Modena vaccine shares


It is worth noting that the additional vaccine of Modena vaccine has just started testing in July and is still in the preliminary development stage, unable to catch up with the upcoming influenza season. Reuters reported that novel coronavirus pneumonia’s first priority is to develop additional vaccines against new crown pneumonia, influenza and other respiratory viruses, which are being used annually by Bancel.


Modena also announced on the 9th that a two in one vaccine “mrna-1365” for children is being developed to fight respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) and human interstitial pneumonia virus (hMPV).


Modena recruited the novel coronavirus pneumonia for the first time in the first clinical trial of the new generation of crown pneumonia vaccine. The next-generation new crown vaccine can be stored in the refrigerator for more than 30 days, allowing pharmacies and clinics without freezers to maintain a more stable vaccine supply.


Novel coronavirus pneumonia and influenza two in one vaccine has been launched in September 8th, and Novavax Inc., a US biotechnology developer for infectious diseases, has announced a press release earlier in the year. This vaccine is not an additive.


Novavax pointed out that novel coronavirus pneumonia and influenza two in one vaccine trial is scheduled to start in Australia, and will recruit 50~70 year old healthy adults. The subjects will be vaccinated with the integrated new crown candidate vaccine “nvx-cov2373” and influenza vaccine “nanoflu”, as well as auxiliary or supplementary vaccines.


Modena rose 7.81% to close at $455.92 on the 9th, a new closing high since August 10; Up 336.41% year to date. Novax fell 3.01% to $258.77 on the 9th; Up 132.06% year to date.

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