Psychedelic drugs can also be listed on US stocks?

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In the 1960s, marijuana and hallucinogens were used by hippies to get rid of gravity and find inner peace. Today, hippies’ children are middle-aged. Under such a broad mass base in the United States, many contraband that once turned people pale are no longer regarded by them as monsters. Legalized entertainment marijuana has been on the big stage of U.S. stocks and has become the target of millennial retail investors.


This is not the wildest. Wall streetbets on reddit forum is a paradise for US stock retail investors. Millennium retail investors shouting Yolo are rushing to more powerful psychedelic concept stocks. Some people want to take advantage of this wave of concept stocks to put dabulio into their pockets and realize financial freedom. Will the bizarre US stock market usher in another bloodbath? Why have marijuana and hallucinogens been legalized? What effect can hallucinogens achieve after they are used as medicine?


Now let’s talk about it.


The focus of the concept of hallucinogens is different from recreational marijuana. Hallucinogens are given the prospect of treating mental disorders (i.e. mental diseases). Why should hallucinogens be used to treat mental diseases? Is it routine drugs that don’t work? Although conventional drugs are clinically effective and inexpensive, conventional psychotropic drugs also have no small side effects. For example, lithium carbonate, which is used to make power batteries for new energy vehicles, is a mood stabilizer and can also be used to treat bipolar disorder mania.


Although you can buy four boxes of lithium carbonate tablets for 100 yuan, it’s really terrible. After all, lithium is the “Tianzi No. 1” metal element in the periodic table of elements. Its extremely active chemical properties make the tablets taste strong metallic flavor when swallowed in the stomach. For another example, fluoxetine has a louder name called Prozac. It became the best-selling antidepressant in North America in less than three years after it was launched in 1987.


But the problem is that Prozac dispels sadness, but it also passivates pleasure. Among the patients taking the medicine, many showed anorexia, nausea and drowsiness all day. Patients all looked forward to a better treatment experience, so hallucinogens appeared on the stage.


The formation of consciousness depends on the interaction between brain neurons. If there is a problem with the mechanism of action, it is easy to lead to mental disorders. For example, repeated episodes of depression can reduce the size of the hippocampus in the brain, which is responsible for controlling emotions and forming memory. The principle of hallucinogens is precisely the temporary reorganization of the interaction mode of brain neurons. Therefore, it is not impossible to treat mental disorders with hallucinogens.


According to Bloomberg, the average annual number of papers on hallucinogenic drugs has doubled in the past decade. Hallucinogenic drugs have obviously aroused widespread interest in overseas academic circles. In addition to academia, the most interested in hallucinogens is of course capital.


At present, mindmed and compass pathways, two hallucinogen drug companies, have taken the lead in landing on Nasdaq, and both have released the news of soaring.


hallucinogenic drugs


Mindmed on NASDAQ

Not long ago, mindmed received feedback from the U.S. Food and drug administration that the company was allowed to continue to promote their project, that is, to treat generalized anxiety disorder through LSD (also known as “stamps”). At the same time, compass pathways is also studying the possibility of treating severe depression with naked mushroom preparation. Naked mushroom element is a neurotoxin with neurohallucinogenic effect. The mushroom containing this toxin is also known as “psychedelic mushroom”.


The results published in the New England Journal of Medicine showed that the depression scores of patients treated with naked mushroom preparation decreased faster and more significantly than those in the control group. So, what are the stories of these two hallucinogenic drug unicorns?


Let’s talk about mindmed first. In Silicon Valley, where geeks gather, the resume of its co-founder Jr Rahn seems to be out of tune with the program code. Others learn programming and algorithms. He learns Chinese. Jr Rahn studied Chinese at Peking University for one year before going to Hamilton College (a private college of Arts and Sciences in New York) to continue learning Chinese and received a bachelor’s degree.


After graduating from the United States, he came to Beijing again and began his career in foreign venture capital institutions. Later, after a series of twists and turns, Jr Rahn took Uber as the springboard and jumped into the project of Y combinator, a famous venture capital in Silicon Valley. In fact, in Silicon Valley, an ideological pioneer, it is almost an open secret to take small pills. Jobs once said bluntly, “Zen and psychedelic drugs have promoted my consciousness.”


Jr Rahn may not have become bald during his time in Silicon Valley, but his interest in hallucinogens seems to start here. Since about 2017, Jr Rahn has been looking for unicorns in the field of hallucinogenic drugs through his own investment company.


Finally, in 2019, Jr Rahn felt the time was ripe. So he changed into the co-founder of mindmed, and it took him only one year to lead mindmed to NASDAQ. Although mindmed is still a small company with a market value of $1.2 billion, this money is enough to realize Jr Rahn’s financial freedom. Two days ago, Jr Rahn resigned as CEO of mindmed and cashed out.


Mindmed: Tesla in the field of mental health?

In the listed company of hallucinogenic drugs, Jr Rahn is a little coffee. The real big guy is Peter Thiel, the big financier behind compass pathways.


Who is this? Silicon Valley venture capitalists are also. You know, musk founded paypal with Peter Thiel before he joined Tesla. The employees who have worked with them have established well-known technology companies such as Uber, Lingying and Youtube after leaving PayPal. Thus, the “PayPal Mafia” in Silicon Valley is famous everywhere.


A group of younger brothers got along well, and Peter Thiel, the leading elder brother, was naturally not idle. Y combinator, the venture capital company he heads, invested in Facebook in the early stage of entrepreneurship and made a lot of money. Therefore, Jr Rahn, who only worked in Y combinator for one year, is also Peter Thiel’s little brother. Of course, his little moves can’t escape Peter Thiel’s eyes. Peter Thiel turned his attention to the hallucinogen drug company compass pathways.


This was originally a non-profit private limited company. When Peter Thiel participated, compass pathways transformed into a profit-making biotechnology company and successfully landed on NASDAQ. It can be said that Peter Thiel has brought great influence to the company. Although the market value of the company is only about $1.4 billion, it is the interest of venture capitalists. Rich people, aren’t they happy?


So, in addition to the possible efficacy, what are the virtues and abilities of hallucinogens? Can make venture capitalists so popular? If the business wasn’t so profitable, Peter Thiel wouldn’t be able to get involved.


The main logic of pharmaceutical stock investment is either common chronic diseases or rare diseases. For the former, the most outstanding example is Pfizer’s Viagra. Although modern medicine is prosperous, there is no way to cure men’s inaction. The active ingredient of Viagra is sildenafil citrate, and its effective time is short. Therefore, the behavior of drug users can be simply summarized into four big words: drugs can’t stop.


Similarly, stomach medicine has a similar logic. It is said that stomach medicine sells best on major takeout delivery platforms. Common chronic diseases mean a wide audience, a large plate, and big fish only in deep water. However, when the water depth is deep, the competitive pressure is also great, and a slight relaxation may not be grasped. The idea of drug research and development can also be done in the opposite way – focusing on all kinds of rare diseases.


Although the plate of rare diseases is small, because the stable giants are unwilling to work here, the small companies of all in rare diseases track have the opportunity to excel. If only one or two drugs are effective for a rare disease, the doctor will not hesitate when prescribing. Is mental disorder a rare disease? No, but it is. From the data, mental disorders are indeed not rare.


Research shows that in 2019, there will be more than 51 million adults in the United States with some form of mental disorder. In the world, 10% of the population may have mental health problems. However, effective drugs for the treatment of various mental disorders are as scarce as drugs for rare diseases.


Therefore, when the academic community finds the great potential of hallucinogens in the treatment of mental disorders, people who recognize the seriousness of the problem are also actively promoting the decontamination and naming of such drugs. Field trip health, a Canadian listed company, conducted a survey of 2000 adults, of which 37% expressed support for hallucinogenic drugs in the treatment of mental disorders.


The rest were not completely opposed, 24% were open-minded, and 23% said they wanted more information in this regard. Hallucinogenic drugs may indeed be abused in the future. I don’t think letting go of such drugs is an absolute good. It’s a double-edged sword. However, morality belongs to morality and business belongs to business. In terms of business, short supply means a broad blue ocean, which is the case with hallucinogens used to treat mental disorders.


When the industry has just started and has not been rolled in, both mindmed and compass pathways will become winners. After all, if it weren’t for Industry dividends, Silicon Valley workers like Jr Rahn, who don’t understand code, would definitely not be able to achieve financial freedom. Perhaps, in addition to business, there should also be some humanistic care. For patients with mental disorders, depression and anxiety are not their fault,

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