Scale and development of cro market before global pharmaceutical ind in 2021

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The CrO (outsourcing) industry before ind (investigational new drug, i.e. clinical research application) mainly includes cro services before ind, i.e. drug discovery and preclinical services. With its technical advantages in gene editing, modeling and existing model reserve, pharmaceutical pre ind cro service providers provide customers with customized pre ind test services, focusing on candidate drug screening, drug research and in vivo safety evaluation, and provide solution-based methods, which helps to improve the success rate and reduce the cost.


Market scale of cro industry before global pharmaceutical ind

The global pharmaceutical ind pre cro market is growing steadily, with its market size increasing from US $16.6 billion in 2016 to US $23.5 billion in 2020. It is estimated that the global cro market before pharmaceutical ind will reach about US $26.5 billion in 2021.


global pharmaceutical ind in 2021


Future trend of cro industry before global pharmaceutical ind in 2021

1,The globalization of cro business before pharmaceutical ind is becoming more and more obvious

With the gradual narrowing of the technical gap among countries, the management control system tends to be standardized. Cro services before pharmaceutical ind will not be restricted by countries or regions. In the future, there will be a global ind former cro service provider.


2,The positioning of cro service before pharmaceutical ind is more prominent

Cro services before pharmaceutical ind cover new drug discovery, pilot compound and active intermediate synthesis and process, formula research, efficacy, PK and safety evaluation services. With the continuous innovation of technology and the improvement of platform construction, more drug R & D companies will choose the cro service before pharmaceutical ind in the future.


3,Before pharmaceutical ind, cro enterprises will build a professional data platform and integrate resources

Due to the abundant animal model resources and the generation of a large number of animal model R & D data, the cro industry before pharmaceutical ind urgently needs to collect, sort out, integrate, optimize and share the scientific data of animal model resources, and establish and improve a professional data platform. Animal model resources will be integrated nationally and globally.


4,Before pharmaceutical ind, cro enterprises will establish a fully equipped R & D and service system

As the model animal industry receives more attention, the corresponding standards, regulations and guidelines will be improved. The production and development of model animals will tend to be standardized, industrialized and specialized. Before pharmaceutical ind, cro will form a one-stop service platform integrating the creation, breeding, marketing, phenotypic analysis and other services of experimental animals, and the overall quantity, scale and quality will be significantly improved.

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