What should plastic hospital pay attention to from preparation to operation?

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For plastic surgery hospital, operation management is the core of the whole operation process of plastic surgery hospital, it is the general term of medical services and core resource management; So, for managers, plastic surgery hospital from preparation to operation should pay attention to what aspects? Today Alopah will give you a brief introduction!


The preparation of plastic surgery hospital can be considered from the following aspects:


The first point: analyze the market and find the correct positioning


If there is no in-depth research and scientific analysis of the local market, it must be blind to talk about plastic surgery hospital management strategy, so we can consider from the following aspects:


Number two: Set goals and make plans


For any institution, there is no clear development goal, there is no direction and power, which is directly related to the speed and structure of the development of plastic surgery hospital. Development goals should include both short-term and long-term goals; Short-term goals include: rapid market entry, brand influence, high service quality, etc. Long-term goals include a loyal customer base, stable returns, etc.


In order to achieve development goals on time, plans must also be made, such as infrastructure plans, medical equipment plans, personnel training plans, hospital system plans and so on.


Third, reasonable salary system, improve the incentive mechanism


The main way to improve the service quality is to mobilize the enthusiasm of employees, the main measure to mobilize the enthusiasm is post incentive, the main means is the salary system.


A reasonable salary system has two main points: external competitiveness and internal fairness; That is to say, the compensation of employees compared with similar industries, to have a sense of accomplishment; There should be a sense of fairness in the compensation of employees at all positions in the hospital in line with their contributions. At present, the compensation of most private hospitals is paid confidentially, but this is not a scientific compensation system.


Fourth, cultivate excellent talents and improve professional disciplines


The essence of plastic beauty is quality is the premise, the core competitiveness is quality, the core of quality is discipline construction, the core of discipline construction is technical personnel. Therefore, we must establish an excellent team of talents and improve the corresponding disciplines.


plastic surgery hospital


Talent training should not only have strategic vision, but also be willing to invest. In the long run, the talent team construction of private hospitals should mainly rely on their own training, rather than poaching others.


Number five: Marketing carefully


The essence of marketing is to attract customers and expand business; Plastic surgery hospitals need a large number of loyal customers if they want to rapidly expand their influence in the short term. It can be discussed from the following aspects:


Sixth, create a unique culture, cohesion of employees


Considering the current problems, the cultural construction of plastic surgery hospital should be started from the following aspects:


1.Innovative and advanced ideas;


2.Enterprising, constantly explore;


3.good faith, trustworthy to customers;


Considering the current living environment faced by private hospitals, the shaping of hospital concept should be made from these aspects, with quality service as the fundamental, system construction as the guarantee, low consumption and high efficiency as the goal, to promote the development of hospitals.

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