What will be the bright spots in the biomedical industry in 2021?

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[Market Analysis] In recent years, with the continuous development of medical technology, the biomedical industry has entered the stage of accelerated development. According to data, the growth rate of bio-drug market in recent years has kept above 5%. Under the influence of the overall environment, what will be the development highlights of the biomedical industry in 2021?


Highlights of biomedical industry development in 2021


The time from discovery to marketing of biological drugs will be shortened


At present, with the continuous development of medical technology, Al algorithm, big data, high flux screening of new technologies, such as are biopharmaceutical early experiment in greatly reduced from finding new drugs to the world of the time and cost at the same time, also began to gradually involved in the drug research and development cycle including data management, clinical trial and testing, and other links.


In this context, industry analysis suggests that in the future, companies will need more and more support from these technologies in all aspects of biopharmaceuticals in order to save money and make drug lifecycle management faster and more stable. As a result, the time from discovery to market of biological drugs will become faster and faster due to the improvement of technology. In the future, more bioinnovative drugs will continue to emerge, benefiting the majority of patients.


Digitization and automation are the inevitable requirements of innovation in biomedical industry


Industry digitization, simply speaking, is to use modern digital information technology to transform the traditional industry in various directions, all angles and all chains. Among them, it is worth noting that digitization can also continuously improve the innovation efficiency of industries and enterprises, market transaction efficiency and reduce transaction costs.


Therefore, in order to ensure the stability of product quality and production process can be scaled, at the same time to minimize human error, and ensure the compliance of cGMP in the production process, pharmaceutical companies have adopted digital and automated processes and equipment in the production workshop. In the future, driven by technological advances, digital and automated products and technologies will continue to help bio-pharmaceutical companies reduce machine downtime in manufacturing and significantly reduce product cost waste.


biomedical industry


Increased demand for equipment, equipment and talents


Compared with the traditional chemical pharmaceutical process, biopharmaceutical application of genetic engineering, genetic engineering, cell engineering, enzyme engineering and other modern biological technology means, production process is complex, so the equipment and technical personnel professional level has been high requirements. With the continuous development of key technological links such as the construction of genetically engineered cells or strains, the industrialization and amplification of high density and high expression fermentation processes, and the separation and purification of recombinant proteins in bio-pharmaceutical industry, the demand for both of them will be further increased and improved in the future.


In this context, relevant equipment enterprises need to increase innovation and research and development efforts, and through active communication with international professional equipment enterprises, to further enhance the technical strength of products, to meet the needs of biological pharmaceutical enterprises. However, pharmaceutical companies need to rebuild their own talent system, eliminate some people who do not have professional ability, and match the appropriate talents at the current stage of development. Among them, in the recruitment of talent echelon, training, training, training four aspects should be put in enough effort.


Competition among bio-pharmaceutical enterprises will be further intensified


All along, biological medicine is a “high investment, high risk, high yield, long cycle” industry. However, under the background of the continuous improvement of our living standard, the increasing attention to our own health, and the gradual maturity of new bio-medical technologies, the scale of the bio-market began to maintain rapid growth. Because of the good market prospects, many domestic and foreign bio-pharmaceutical enterprises have already started the layout in advance.


However, it should be noted that with the continuous accelerated development of the biomedical industry in the future, and more and more enterprises entering the field to seize market share, the concentration degree of the biomedical industry will continue to increase, and the competition between enterprises will become more and more fierce. The industry expects that companies that can continuously improve their independent innovation capabilities and master core technologies and products will become more competitive in development and market competition.

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