19 medical knowledge you don’t know

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Medical knowledge

There are no effective weight loss drugs

There is only one way to lose weight, that is, to make the energy intake lower than the energy consumed. A simple summary is to open your legs and control your mouth. The only recognized medical intervention is gastric volume reduction. Reducing gastric volume through surgery still depends on reducing intake.


No medicine can reverse cataract

There are many cataract ophthalmic drugs used clinically, but no ophthalmic drug has a reversal effect on cataract. In other words, these ophthalmic drugs can only alleviate the development of cataract to a certain extent, but can not reverse it. Treatment of cataract, the doctor’s recommendations are basically surgical treatment.


Natural vitamins are not better than synthetic vitamins

There is no difference between natural vitamins and synthetic vitamins in function. On the contrary, natural vitamins are more likely to introduce pollution and mixed with impure substances in the production and extraction process. If you supplement vitamins, a few yuan and a hundred tablets in the drugstore are enough.


Don’t believe when you see food

What oxalic acid, lactic acid, tannic acid or VC will not be absorbed as long as it meets calcium? People are not glass test tubes. They don’t turn sour when they eat some acid, and turn alkaline when they eat alkali. Don’t think this and that can’t be eaten together. Just eat balanced and live a happy life!


Don’t eat all kinds of supplements blindly

Some people think that taking supplements is not harmful, but for some people, taking supplements may add fuel to the fire. For example, colon cancer has something to do with excess nutrition. Eating supplements is adding fuel to the fire. Unfortunately, there are not a few people who make up blindly. To prevent diseases, we must eat supplements scientifically.


Fruit juice is not as healthy as expected

Those who can eat fruit should drink less fruit juice. Fruits are rich in potassium, antioxidants (vitamin C and β- Carotene), cellulose, etc., but the original antioxidant effect in fruits is reduced by half or even more through the juice made by machine. In addition, the fresh juice filters out the fruit residue and loses valuable cellulose.


The most effective quick cough relieving method is to eat sugar

When coughing, it contains a piece of hard sugar. The syrup swallowed continuously can form a protective layer in the throat and reduce throat irritation. It can also drink honey water, but it is not as long as containing sugar. The antitussive liquid mainly used in clinic mostly relies on drugs to paralyze the nerves, and drinking a large amount of it has the risk of addiction.


The lump on the body is more dangerous without pain than pain

If there is an unexplained mass on the body, for example, in the breast, the symptoms of redness, swelling, heat and pain are often simple inflammation, but if the mass is not painful, and the activity is not good, it is difficult to push away from the original position, the possibility of malignancy will soar. Once you find an unexplained, painless lump, go to the hospital immediately.


Medical knowledge


You don’t have to take medicine for a cold, but be careful of complications

For a cold, take medicine for a week and don’t take medicine for 7 days. The common virus cold will generally improve in about 7 days, and the serious one will not exceed more than ten days. If the condition does not improve for more than 7 days, or even high fever, whole-body joint pain, rash, etc., you should seek the help of a doctor in time and don’t bite your teeth.


Doctors generally do not recommend folk prescriptions

The biggest characteristics of folk prescriptions are that a small number of people are effective and the second is low security. No matter which treatment method, the use of drugs should be adjusted according to the patient’s constitution, etiology, condition and even curative effect. It is impossible to use one prescription for each disease in the end.


Two physical examinations must be done every year: low-dose lung CT and breast color Doppler ultrasound

Low dose lung CT should be done once a year from the age of 45, especially for people with a family history of lung cancer, old smokers with smoking age of more than 10 years, or people who smoke a pack of cigarettes a day. Breast color Doppler ultrasound: in the early diagnosis of breast cancer, breast color Doppler ultrasound is very critical, preferably once a year.


It’s no use just drinking soup

No matter how long the soup is stewed, it is only a very thin solution of fat and water-soluble amino acids, and the main nutrients remain in the meat. Bone soup can not supplement calcium. Even if it is stewed in a pressure cooker for a few hours, the calcium in the soup will only be slightly higher than tap water, and the fat content is high.


Don’t fast water when you have diarrhea, especially children

Many people eat and drink less when they have diarrhea, but in fact, as long as they don’t vomit, they still need to eat as normal as possible, especially drink more water, and add some salt to supplement electrolytes. Oral rehydration salts can generally be bought in pharmacies. The effect of mixing water back is the best, which can effectively supplement electrolytes.


If you have a fever, you don’t have to take antipyretic drugs

If you can judge that the fever is caused by a cold or flu, you can buy medicine by yourself. If the fever does not exceed 38.5 ℃, you can drink more water, pay attention to rest and strengthen nutrition; If you can’t determine the cause of fever, you should see a doctor and can’t take antipyretic drugs at will.


See the common name of drugs and don’t take drugs again

Many common drug-induced hepatitis in life are caused by patients’ repeated use of drugs, frequent replacement of drugs and unauthorized combination of drugs. Read the instructions carefully before medication. As long as the common name is the same, it belongs to the same drug. Do not take it at the same time, otherwise it will be repeated and the consequences will be serious.


When food becomes “essence”, it is generally not a good thing

For example, saccharin is extracted from coal tar. Now everyone doesn’t eat saccharin; Clenbuterol can cause arrhythmia. Healthy diet, mostly from natural ingredients, but also pay attention to cooking methods.


It’s very dangerous to make wine at home

The most common risk factor is methanol. There have been reports of drinking fake alcohol containing methanol, dead people and blindness. For example, there is a component called pectin in wine, grapes and other fruits, which will become methanol after a series of fermentation processes. Industrial wine can reduce toxicity, but the methanol content cannot be controlled since wine making.


There’s a lot of stress in confinement. It’s not necessary

In the past, the nutritional conditions and hygienic environment were not good, so we paid attention to confinement. Whose family has poor nutrition now? Now there is no reason to say that you can’t brush your teeth during confinement (for fear of calcium deficiency), can’t wash your hair, take a bath and blow the hair (for fear of cold), should take tonics (for fear of insufficient nutrition), and can’t go out (for fear of fatigue).


Avoid smoking when taking any medicine

Nicotine contained in tobacco will accelerate the degradation of drugs by the liver. When taking drugs, smoking will lead to the decrease of drug concentration in the blood, making it difficult to give full play to the efficacy. So don’t smoke for 30 minutes after taking any medicine.

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