1971 extreme weight loss world record: what happened to the man who didn’t eat for 382 days?

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First, strike the Gong solemnly: extreme hunger is not advisable to lose weight. This Guinness world record has been cancelled in 2016. This case is a human miracle. Do not imitate it.


It is said that Angus Barbieri, a young Scottish student, went to marifield hospital for help in 1965 and began to lose weight. However, according to the writer Andrei tapalaga, his Guinness world record was in 1971. Of course, this surprised me at first, but I was relieved to learn that his doctor only published the case report in the Journal of graduate medicine in 1973.


Angus’ weight loss is a miracle, which probably needs special caution. So what did Angus go to the hospital for?


In a word, only those who are really fat know the weight of life, which is unbearable. Angus was 27 years old at that time, but his weight was as high as 207kg (about 456 pounds). There were many life-threatening signs in his body. If he didn’t lose weight, he would die early. However, in the 1960s and 1970s, although hunger therapy was popular, doctors did not approve of Angus’s plan. Because his initial plan was extremely dangerous, he had to go on a hunger strike for 40 days at the beginning.


However, Angus’s attitude was so fierce that he had to do so, so the doctor had to cooperate very carefully. Check his physical condition every day in order to stop at any time to ensure his health and safety. In fact, this is also Angus’s first requirement to go to the hospital. Interestingly, the subsequent results were not only completely unexpected to the doctors, but also unexpected to Angus, who was constantly determined. It went so well that Angus made great progress that he carried out his hunger therapy for 382 days.


weight loss world


First of all, Angus, with a huge body, has long been very exclusive of food because of his fear of death and obesity. His 40 day fasting is much easier than expected. I’m afraid there is no greater power than this internal drive in the world. Then, after 40 days, the doctor made a comprehensive examination of Angus, and the two sides were even more overjoyed.


Angus’ physical condition is still good, unreasonable and shocking, so that doctors have every reason to believe that Angus’s body is different from ordinary people, and it can better bear hunger. Of course, Angus’s hunger and weight loss is not just not eating. There are various cooperation and guidance from doctors. It is far from as mysterious as the legendary Bigu. This must be a special case of the combination of science and mysterious human body.


For example, if ordinary people continue to cut off food, they will be in great danger because of problems such as calories, proteins, electrolytes, amino acids, vitamins, blood sugar, gastric acid, uric acid, etc., while Angus is relatively able to maintain a considerable balance on his own body. Just like it can produce new ways of material metabolism.


Then, facing such a body, the doctor naturally only needs to try to help him reduce and eliminate the danger with the help of foreign objects.


Specifically, this is:


Glass only took water, coffee, tea and soda every day. At that time, in addition to regularly checking his body, doctors had to constantly supplement him with a large amount of vitamins to ensure that his organ function would not fail due to the lack of these substances. They later used high doses of yeast to protect his digestive system.


This kind of examination and protection lasted a long time and did not dare to relax at all. On the 92nd day, the doctor also prescribed potassium tablets because he found that he did not eat for a long time, had no salt and his potassium level was too low. This situation is exactly why Angus was asked by the doctor to eat a lot of salt for a period of time after his fasting. In the process of helping Angus lose weight, the most surprising thing is that hypoglycemia caused by hunger is inevitable. Angus’s hypoglycemia symptoms can sometimes be very serious, which would have caused great danger for others, but Angus is fine in the end.


He never showed signs of organ failure, and often repaired and recovered himself, which can not be completed only by enough fat.


There was also a small discussion on this matter. Some people said that if you don’t eat for 382 days, shouldn’t you be so thin that everyone is gone? Some people say that I have 200 ml of milk, an egg and several vegetable leaves every day. It took me nine and a half months to reduce from 128 to 104. But I can only eat one or two mouthfuls of rice in the back. When I eat steamed bread, my stomach hurts… My stomach is broken! Some people say that I lost 30 kg after 34 days of hunger strike… The blood uric acid in the physical examination is super high… Cholestasis… I dare not again. Some people say that this extreme weight loss method, sick, fatal, everywhere.


Wait, this is very real and realistic, so we must admit that Angus is really amazing – People’s blood sugar is too low, urea is too low, uric acid index is twice as high as ordinary people, and there is no great discomfort in addition to constantly restoring balance, which we can’t compare with. In this way, Angus, who only defecated once in an average of 37 to 48 days, certainly succeeded in losing weight. In the end, he lost 125 kg and successfully reached the ideal 82 kg.


So far, we are naturally concerned about whether Angus’s weight has rebounded, and this is a miracle. After losing weight, Angus said he had never felt so good, but he had forgotten the taste of the food at that time. His first meal after losing weight was an egg, a piece of bread with butter and a cup of black coffee. He once told the Chicago Tribune that the eggs were delicious.


This undoubtedly shows that Angus’s appetite and taste are still good, but his weight has not rebounded. Even when he died, his weight was only 89kg, only 7kg more than when he stopped eating. Fat people are generally fat, and fat people are more likely to be fat. At this point, you can only throw yourself into Angus’s extraordinary perseverance and perseverance. Without long-term restraint, it is impossible for a person to maintain such a weight, especially his huge fat type.


He lived another 24 years after losing weight. But Angus was still short-lived. He died on September 7, 1990 at the age of 51. So it went up and down again. Some people think that 51 may also be a natural death, while others think that he is likely to die of various problems related to obesity and weight loss. It’s hard to prove this, so we have to let it go. However, the explicit and implicit risks of extreme weight loss are huge. It’s right for Guinness to finally cancel this record.


Miracles are always miracles. People must rely on science after all.

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