5 medical books required for medical students

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The Humanistic Call of Medicine


Author: Wang Yifang, Zhao Mingjie


Why you should recommend it: Yifang Wang is a professor at the Academy of Medical Humanities, Peking University, and one of China’s leading medical humanities scholars. The book is a collection of classic medical works from his nearly 30 years of editing. In addition, He is also the author of Fear for Life — Dialogue on Medical Humanities (Jiangsu People’s Press, 1999), 15 Lectures on Medical Humanities (Peking University Press, 2007), Human Medicine (Jiangsu Education Press, 2008), Is Medicine Science (Guangxi Normal University Press, 2009), What Is Medicine (Peking University Press, 2010).


Tuesdays with Morrie


Author: [United States] Albom


Why it’s recommended: It’s one of my personal favorites. This is a true story: Murray, a septuagen-year-old social psychology professor, developed lateral sclerosis in 1994 and died a year later. An early favorite of Murray’s, Mickey stayed with him on Tuesdays during the fourteen weeks he was in bed, listening to his last words of instruction, which he beaded into a posthumous chain and titled Tuesdays with Morrie. There are many thoughts about life and death and life. By Mickey; Albom is a famous American columnist and writer. The other two books of his “Death trilogy”, “The Five People You Meet in Heaven” and “Born Again in a Day”, are also recommended.


medical books


Medicine matters: The Secrets and Wisdom of Medicine


Author: eulogize


Why you should recommend it: This book asks the roles of doctor and patient to reassess their place and needs. Written by an insider, this book gives readers an insight into the state of medicine and how it works, the limitations of medicine, the awkwardness of doctors and the embarrassment of the system. As a writer with a medical background, Evergreen’s perspective is more comprehensive and grand. Published Medical Union and the novel Thirty Years in September.


White Gown: The Experience of a Harvard Medical Student


Author: Allen rothman


Why you should check it out: By Allen rothman, a student in the class of 1993 at Harvard Medical School, writes in clear, nuanced prose about her four years growing up there. The book is divided into three chapters: First year at Harvard, Second year at Harvard and Two Years of Clinical Practice. Through the book, we can not only truly understand how a young student has grown into a doctor in a white robe, but also follow the author to continuously think about medical humanities: how to deal with the doctor-patient relationship, how to overcome various difficulties in study and practice, how to face the test of life and death.


Tales of Disease: Suffering, Healing, and the Human Condition.


Author :(us) by kleinman


Why you should recommend it: This book is the Head of the Department of anthropology at Harvard University, medical anthropologist Arthur; Kellermann’s book on anthropology and medicine. Works for pure popular in many western medical school and hospital of the medical technology, the doctrine of neglecting the patient therapy has been questioned, and through to the medical profession and the modern diagnosis and treatment of the doctor-patient relationship, contradictions and problems under the system of analysis and criticism, emphasize the important role of culture in the diagnosis and treatment process, and points out that only improving old idea, can we truly do remove disease in patients with pain.

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