A few stories of Bian Que and Hua Tuo show how magical ancient healers are

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Magic bian magpie change the heart, go wrong door two lawsuits


Both Gonghu of the state of Lu and Qi Ying of the state of Zhao came to bian Que for treatment. After bian Que had cured them, he said to them: “All the diseases you have just suffered came from outside. I have cured you with medicine stones. But you two were born with something else. How about I treat you, too?”


They asked what the problem was.


Bian Que said, “The duke is strong and weak, so he is indecisive in his foresight. Qi Ying zhi is weak and qi is strong, so brave and decisive but too arbitrary. If you change your hearts, you will learn from each other, and each will be perfect.” So Bian Que made them drink poisoned wine, knocked them unconscious for three days, cut open their chests and exchanged their hearts.


And then woke them up with the magic potion. After they woke up, they took leave and went back. But then, he went to Qi Ying’s house, and Qi Ying also went to him. The wives on both sides no longer knew their husbands. The two families quarrel, please bian Magpie judge right and wrong.


Bian Que explained the reason and the quarrel stopped.


He was born in MAO County, Bohai (modern Renqiu North, Hebei Province) in the Warring States Period. Famous good doctor, because of home in Lu, also known as Lu Doctor. He has practiced medicine in Qi, Zhao, Qin and other states, and is famous all over the world. He is also the author of Bian Que Neijing and Nan Jing.


 medical skills


Hua Tuo treated the disease with the right medicine


Hua Tuo, an outstanding medical scientist during The Three Kingdoms period, was very clever in his medical skills. He always made careful diagnosis according to the different conditions of the patients, found out the source of the disease, and then applied appropriate medicine. One day, ni Xun and Li Yan both suffered from the same disease, headache and fever, so they went to hua Tuo for treatment. After diagnosing them, Hua Tuo said: “Ni Xun should take laxative, li Yan should take medicine to make him sweat.”


Puzzled, they asked Hua Tuo, “Why do we take different medicines for the same symptoms?”


Hua Tuo explained to them: “Ni Xun’s illness was caused by overeating. Li yan’s illness was caused by a cold, so the medicine was different. They took the medicine separately according to Hua Tuo’s instructions, and the next morning, they were both cured.


Hua Tuo left a letter to scold the magistrate, the magistrate angry disease


During The Three Kingdoms period, Hua Tuo was good at medical skills. Once, a governor of the county was seriously ill. Hua Tuo happened to pass by and asked him to see him.


After seeing the governor’s illness, Hua Tuo went out and said to the governor’s son, “Your father’s disease is very strange. There are bruises in his stomach. The only way to make him angry is to vomit blood. Otherwise there is no hope of cure. Can’t you tell me all your father’s usual faults, and I’ll write them down so I can scold him and make him angry?”


The son of the county governor told Hua Tuo all the things his father had always done wrong.


Hua tuo also received a lot of property from the magistrate’s family, and soon he left without prescribing a prescription, leaving only a letter scolding the magistrate. The magistrate was furious and immediately sent someone to kill Hua Tuo.


Sent by the son who knew the situation quietly stopped, the county governor saw that people did not catch, and spent a lot of money, is angry, under the vomit a few liters of black blood, the disease is therefore good.

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