A list of practical medical books. Have you read any of these?

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This dazzling array of medical books, this is the heart of doctors love, webmaster selected this year’s most popular six practical medical books, for the majority of readers to read.


Sillini internal Medicine


Recommended reasons: to help readers to establish a more plump internal medicine knowledge system, known as the “standard internal medicine reference book.” “Sillini Internal Medicine” provides a comprehensive and refined description of each disease in terms of definition, epidemiology, pathology, clinical presentation, diagnosis and treatment. It reflects the latest progress of internal medicine knowledge and evidence-based practice guidelines. The profound explanation of scientific principles such as pathology and physiology is well received by medical workers in the world. It helps readers to establish a three-dimensional and integrated medical knowledge system and provides clear guidance for clinicians in dealing with complex problems.


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Image Anatomy


Recommended reasons: the classic reference books of imaging diagnostics have pictures of all kinds of images, covering all parts of the body, the pictures are clear, and have high reference value. There has not been such a complete set of similar books published in China, which has positive significance to improve the diagnostic level of radiologists. Image Anatomy (hardcover) is a Danish book by Peter Fleckenstein and Trayne Jansen. This book is divided into 10 chapters. It marks the anatomical names one by one on more than 800 pictures of X ray, CT, MAGNETIC resonance, ultrasound and nuclide scanning of the normal structure of the human body, helping medical students (interns) and junior doctors in clinical departments to read the pictures and identify the image features so as to make a correct diagnosis.


Essentials of Emergency Medicine


Reasons for recommendation: Academician Zhan Qimin and Director Chen Yuguo jointly recommended it as an important reference book for emergency physicians to improve the theory and clinical work level of emergency medicine. “Essentials of Emergency Medicine” describes more than 100 diseases in detail, highlighting errors that general practitioners are prone to, and avoiding some “can’t miss” differential diagnoses. And for the clinical common situation to provide clinicians with clear, clear guidance. This book has a concise and concise description of common diseases in emergency, from anatomy, physiology, pathology and physiology, from etiology, diagnosis, differential diagnosis and treatment. It is a rare practical work in the emergency department.


Why Doctors Misdiagnose


Recommended reasons: From the real case diagnosis process, analyze doctors’ diagnostic thinking, pry into the causes of misdiagnosis, and obtain the understanding of the nature of the disease. “Why Doctors Misdiagnose” presents the diagnosis process of various difficult cases to the readers by telling stories, and analyzes and summarizes the clinical thinking mode in the diagnosis process, especially some irrational inertial thinking and common wrong thinking, so as to improve the personal clinical work ability. This book is not only suitable for medical students, doctors and medical enthusiasts, but also suitable for patients and their families to read. For medical enthusiasts, the interlinked story lines and the final mystery reveal the magic of life and the power of modern medicine.


Strange Paediatric Emergency Medicine


Recommended reasons: Compiled by 168 world-renowned experts and carefully translated by 39 experts, it is an international classic of pediatric first aid. “Strange Pediatric Emergency Science” diagnostic steps at a glance, effective treatment plan, suitable for pediatricians at all levels, emergency physicians reading reference, but also every ordinary family practical and authoritative medical book. This book systematically describes the diagnostic steps and treatment plan of pediatric emergency, as well as the application of imaging, electrocardiogram and other auxiliary examinations. It is equipped with more than 500 pictures and 360 tables to systematically summarize and summarize the important knowledge points.

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