A miracle in the history of weight loss: Fasting for 382 days, the weight was reduced from 412 kg to 162 kg

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He is a legend in the history of weight loss and the world Guinness record holder. He went on a complete hunger strike for 382 days, successfully reduced from 412 kg to 162 kg, and successfully lost 250 kg of meat. Countless people have followed his example, but no one has succeeded.


Legend in the history of weight loss


Weight loss is an eternal topic. Both men and women, young and old, want to have a healthy and slim figure. We all have a common sense that losing weight is just “control your mouth and open your legs”. It is very unhealthy to lose weight by fasting. People can only insist on not eating for three days and not drinking water for up to seven days. However, there is a weight loss legend in history. They have been on a complete hunger strike for 382 days. They have successfully lost 250 kilograms of meat by fasting and reached the Guinness world record, that is Angus babieri.


Angus babieri is from Scotland. At the age of 27, he weighed 412 kg, far more than normal people should have, which not only affected his health, but also seriously affected his normal life. He was determined to find a way to change the situation. Soon after, he met Dr. William Stewart and told him his idea of fasting to lose weight. Originally, Dr. Stewart was unwilling to do so, but at Angus’s insistence, they began the plan.


Dr. Stewart provided medical support and testing for Angus to record his weight loss process. Angus’s “fasting” does not mean that he really doesn’t take anything. He will still take the necessary water and vitamins, and is allowed to drink tea, coffee and other calorie free drinks. Doctors will regularly test his physical condition, including blood and urine samples. In order to support Angus’ weight loss career, his family’s small food store was temporarily closed.


After a while, Angus did lose some weight. But for health reasons, more than 40 days later, the doctor advised Angus to stop for a while before continuing. According to past experience, the limit of human body is almost reached when complete fasting reaches 40 days. Even under the long-term detection of medical staff, it is still easy to fall into the risk of sudden death. Doctors want him to fast for a short time rather than for a long time.


But Angus rejected the proposal and asked to continue and strengthen it. Because according to him, after fasting for a few weeks, he can’t feel the taste of hunger at all. In Angus’s view, he can continue to insist, and set a goal for himself – to reduce to 164 kg.


This is not a small number and needs to be reduced step by step. For Angus, it is a long process. After four months, his blood sugar gradually decreased and maintained a relatively low level, but miraculously, it did not affect his normal life. His urine test was also conducted every other day. After more than 100 days of fasting, the content of cations and salt-free phosphate in his urine gradually increased. The doctor had all kinds of guesses, but they couldn’t confirm it.


weight loss


After 382 days of persistence, Angus finally achieved an amazing feat of reducing from 412 kg to 162 kg. The media reported that he also won the Guinness world record with this. Countless people were moved by his deeds, and many people troubled by obesity wanted to emulate him.


In 1973, his deeds were published by his doctors, including detailed weight loss and test records. Moreover, the follow-up report found that after five years, his weight only increased by about 14 kg, which seems to be no risk of rebound. In fact, this “hunger therapy” has already become popular. Countless people want to copy his legend, but none of them has succeeded.


Dangerous hunger therapy


Although a large group of people seemed to see hope after the media’s story of Angus at that time, hunger therapy was actually very dangerous and could not be tried easily. There has been such a thing in the United States. A female doctor named Linda hasad in the United States advocates fasting therapy very much. She believes that fasting can cure all diseases, and has published a book on fasting therapy on this basis.


She also set up a nursing home to publicize her treatment and save people. The sanatorium is called “wilderness highland”, which has 100 beds and accommodates all kinds of patients, especially terminally ill patients. Linda claims that her therapy can treat cancer and other incurable diseases, but in fact, her treatment method is very simple and rough. She only provides a certain amount of vegetable soup to patients every day. She tries her best to convince patients that it is useful. Just wait, but the result is that patients are starved to death.


In 1912, Linda was reported to have murdered Claire Williams, an Australian woman. Claire weighed only 50 pounds when she died. She was undoubtedly starved to death. Linda was eventually convicted, but she was released in just two years and began a career as a fugitive.


In 1920, she resumed her old career and opened a nursing home to publicize her treatment, killing more than 40 people“ In 1938, Linda herself was also ill, but she insisted on her own treatment and was unwilling to go to the hospital for treatment. Finally, she died of hunger, the same way as the people she killed. Some people believed in the role of hunger therapy before Angus. After Angus, more people wanted to copy this legend.


Legend that cannot be copied


When recording Angus’ events, doctors also recorded the disadvantages and risks of this treatment. A young and previously healthy woman failed to recover naturally after a hard 210 day hunger strike. A week after her normal diet, she died of arrhythmia. It can be seen that Angus’s success is accidental and cannot be copied.


Some people are for themselves, others are more for fame and wealth. In order to win the title of world record, a British man claimed that he had ended his 385 day hunger strike in 1973, but it was not recognized. First, there was no medical supervision on his hunger strike, during which he was fed; Second, the Guinness Book of records was unwilling to record for public health reasons, and soon announced that it would no longer accept records related to fasting.


American magician David attracted people’s attention with the “hunger strike show” and publicly completed the 44 day hunger strike show in a transparent glass box, but he was finally questioned because he was full of suspicion of cheating. Not only foreign countries, but also some people in China believe this nonsense. An old man named Chen Jianmin in China, following David’s example, locked himself in a glass room and fasted for 49 days to verify his “hunger strike theory of traditional Chinese medicine”, which is more like a means of hype.


Modern society has entered the 21st century, and most people’s ideological level has improved. Although we no longer believe that “hunger therapy” can cure all diseases, many people still choose not to eat to lose weight. We must use appropriate methods to lose weight. Even if we use this method, we must be under the supervision of doctors.

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