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These years, medical drama is a very important subject in the professional drama of each country’s reputation, the entry point and focus on different aspects of the story behind the industry that ordinary people do not see. A good medical drama not only has the novelty and popularization that a professional drama should have, but what the doctor needs to save lives and help the injured is to let the audience understand, improve understanding and have more empathy.


Doctors, a special profession that requires a great sense of mission and responsibility, experience a collision of humanity and deep thinking outside of their profession and work, which is really thought-provoking and evocative. So at this particular time of year, when emotions follow the ups and downs of the news, to take stock of these great dramas.


The Romantic Doctor Master Kim” 1 and 2


What do you mean by “romantic doctor”?


In fact, it is the example of “Master Kim” played by Han Seok-gyu, showing the special “romantic” qualities of the doctor’s profession – strict to the point of harshness, mean to the point of fault-finding, leaving aside all subjective emotions, and only discussing the doctor’s Subjective emotions, only discuss the doctor’s professional ethics, professional ability. Zero errors, strong psychological quality and stress resistance, competing for time, accurate judgment, bold and careful, saving lives and helping the injured, in order to save people the supreme goal, willing to take their own risk, not to pull other things, professional ability is the hard truth.


Master Jin led the team, in a remote and dilapidated hospital with no sense of existence, not for the fame and fortune of the future, day after day to do their best to treat a large number of emergency and trauma patients. Young doctors who encounter confusion and dilemmas at various stages of their lives also find the answers to their lives here and become doctors they can be proud of.


medical drama recommendation


The Quiz Seasons 1-5


The series “God’s Test” is a forensic medicine and crime investigation drama series produced by OCN TV in Korea. Since the first season aired on OCN in 2010 until the fifth season aired in 2018, it is currently the longest-running suspense Korean drama series in Korea. The main entry point is various bizarre deaths, and not unlike the Japanese drama “unnatural death”, which was a big hit for Satomi Ishihara, the cases all involve more than one rare disease. By exploring the cases and rare diseases, we explore human nature.


The main character is a “special duty team”. The Korea University Hospital Forensic Office of the National Institute of Scientific Research (hereinafter referred to as the office). They not only have the right to search independently, but also basically all the “difficult cases” related to rare diseases are sent here for solution. Yoo Deok Hwan plays the role of Han Jin Woo, the special forensic doctor of Korea University, who is also the main character in the drama. In the series, the cases seem to be perfect natural death or accidental death at first glance, but only the forensic scientist Han Jin Woo has a keen eye to find clues from the mysterious murder cases and find the truth of the case by cutting through the fog.


I love the story and the three perspectives of this series, especially when you have seen so many people in the world, suffering from rare diseases for no reason, people will become content.


The Great White Tower


This Japanese drama from ’03 really refreshed my outlook, and like “Two-Headed Dog” and “Bloody Monday”, impacted my simple view of the world as black or white.


Goro Zaizen (Shoumei Karasawa) and Shuji Satomi (Yosuke Eguchi) were interns at the same time, but they took very different paths. Zaizen has become the de facto number one professor in the Department of Surgery thanks to his superior personal skills. However, his heart is not as aggressive as a doctor should be, and through bribery and gangsterism, and after many twists and turns, he still becomes the first professor of surgery. Satomi was the opposite of him, practical and enthusiastic about research. Extremely different choices lead to different fates in the end.


Based on the “Japanese national novel” by Toyoko Yamazaki. It has been remade five times and brought to the screen several times. The content points directly to the dark side of the hospital, after many years, still has relevance. That time the Japanese drama how shocking, now the Japanese drama is how much people hate iron. It’s not that there are no good actors, but rather that good actors are playing the set plays, so I can think of good medical dramas in recent years, almost no Japanese dramas.


The Good Doctor” American drama seasons 1-4


The first Korean version, and then the Japanese and American remake of “The Good Doctor”, through a talented doctor with autism into the small ecological society of the hospital story background, in the story of doctors who spare no effort to save lives, about the high level of medical skills and human emotions to explore the hearts of people – as doctors, how to balance reason and emotion? Is there a difference between expertise and sense of mission, or empathy?


Although the original version is a Korean drama, it is inevitable to fall into the classic Korean sensationalism; not that it is not good, so when the American drama in a more open environment, so that the different doctors have more individual characteristics, there are more points to watch, and more thoughts.


Unnatural Death


The biggest reason to follow this Japanese, is Ishihara Satomi. In particular, having seen “Lost Chocolate Worker”, “9 to 5”, “Proofreading Girl Etsuko Kawano”, I was convinced by this beauty and self-awareness, controlling her own life so that the atmosphere of beauty is getting smoother and smoother. The story is about a serious female forensic scientist who seems to have no sense of the world but has a strong empathy. Compared to other exciting degree is weak, often have a lot of pompous manga wind professional drama, this drama is really very delicate conscience, really is a stream of fresh air. But the story alone is exciting, complete, but not amazing, the familiar formula is still a lot.


Grey’s Anatomy”, “Dr. House


Both of these are very reputable long drama series. According to my medical student partner, it is very realistic. One advantage of American dramas is that they don’t suffer too much when watched intermittently. The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you’re doing. It is a little difficult to catch up with a show that is too long. After Game of Thrones, it’s been a long time since I’ve finished an American drama.


In times of drama drought, it is still good to watch a few episodes. I hope that these excellent film and television works and documentaries, as well as the recent national touching pay, can infect more people, do not make “God”, as long as the doctor becomes a real decent job, can make the industry environment better, it is enough.

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