Don’t brush while eating! Recommended ten exciting and heavy-handed forensic dramas

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The practice of forensic anthropology uses the inherent physiological characteristics of the human body to identify individuals. The identification process is full of suspense, thrilling and exciting, and now we’ll talk about a few Forensic medicine dramas. Come and experience the profession of forensic medicine!


Unnatural Death


This drama reflects a social reality in Japan: unnatural death, the autopsy rate is surprisingly low. Starring the Japanese national goddess Satomi Ishihara. In the drama she is a forensic pathologist, up to the court, down to the scene. This is currently the highest rated Japanese drama, and an unparalleled masterpiece in recent years. Each episode is about a social phenomenon, internet violence, sexism, school violence, etc. The coroner investigates the cause of death of the bodies and traces the reality of the society they were in during their lifetime, thus triggering thoughts on human nature. There is no news about the second season yet, it is worth looking forward to it.


Immortal Forensic


The suave forensic pathologist lives forever and is reborn naked in the river after each death. Outsiders only see his academic excellence, but do not know that he has lived 200 years. He had lived through the war years, loved countless women in the world, and even experienced firsthand diseases such as smallpox and malaria. Yet, Henry had never experienced real death. Therefore, he constantly explores the ultimate secret of death on a cold corpse. In the play, Henry cracked a case, because with the body of immortality, he often simulated the death of the deceased in the broken case. After watching the play, we may think: immortality is really a good thing?


Bone Search


Alternative and brain-burning criminal investigation drama, using bones to find traces of the case. It is said that this drama attracts a group of viewers from biology, medicine and other professions. The level of heaviness and horror is perfect for the next meal. The characterization of this drama is excellent. The gesture of the female lead stroking the bones while working is like lingering and loving with a lover. The male lead is a great communicator, dedicated and brave, and will help the female lead behind the scenes. The case is solved from the study of the bones. Through the analysis to recover the images of the characters, restore every detail of the case.


White Night Pursuit


This drama is so good that it does not need to be said. The play has been on the hot props, too real, so that people look creepy. The superb actor, Pan Yueming, plays the twins in the drama. Day and night, two personalities continuously solve the case to apprehend the murder.


Forensic medicine dramas


Prosecution Law Men and Women Season 2


The second season is on fire, one case after another. The cases reflect real life events, professional sexual harassment, transnational human drug trafficking, serial killings by psychopathic doctors, mother-in-law and daughter-in-law relationships, etc. The plot is tight, the drama is thrilling, the reversals keep coming, and the more you watch, the better it gets. A large number of organs, corpses, etc. will appear in each episode, and the dissection screen of the first season is not even coded. The characters of the second season are also more full and distinct. The first season’s characters are also fuller and more distinct. The geeky forensic doctor who sleeps on the autopsy table, the doctor with a double personality, the working mother, etc.




This drama is a classic in Hong Kong, and is one of the top ten highest rated TVB dramas of all time. The issues in the film: criminal investigation, older women, homosexuality, social inequality …… Now it seems that it is still not out of date. The show has no shortage of heavy mouth images, piercing the internal organs to obtain evidence, dissection and abandoned bodies in the wilderness, perverted serial murders … In the show, the protagonist work and life both, love does not fall into the cliché. Definitely a good drama worth revisiting.


Forensic Pioneer


This classic Hong Kong drama, is a lot of people’s childhood memories to kill. There are many familiar Hong Kong stars, Ouyang Zhenhua, Lin Wenlong, Meng Jiahui, etc.. The male lead is a senior chemist, with the dissection of corpses and live forensics, the truth of the crime in front of the eyes ……


The plot of this drama is thrilling and exciting, the beginning of two dead and one injured, high-tech detection methods all debut. Demolition and bomb disposal, chasing drug dealers, gold medal pervert case, fierce gun battles …… This drama not only has a police vendetta, but also has is a strong human touch between the characters.


Forensic Medicine Qinming


One of the conscience web series, this drama has a solid foundation of original characters and original work. The characters are played by people with good acting skills. As a recognized domestic food drama, many people must have seen the realistic and bloody props inside. The first two episodes showed “splitting” and “blowing up corpses” and other images. Although you know that they are fake, but also will make people feel creepy. This drama not only has criminal investigation and crime solving, but also the science and education of the profession of forensic medicine.


Sign / cause of death


This is the first Korean drama based on coroner, and it is very well made. The story is about the daily life of a trio of coroners led by an eccentric forensic pathologist. From discovering signals on the dead, to solving the case, and uncovering the bigger secrets of the incident. In the drama, Park Shin-yang completely changed his previous style of acting and played a crazy person without compromise.


The drama was aired and received both ratings and reputation. The plot caused a wide degree of discussion, especially the arrangement for the male lead to die in the line of duty. The forensic scientist drank poison in order to draw out the real killer, and carried out his spirit of “truthfulness” to the end. Of course, the ending is still quite regrettable.


Forensic Files


Forensic science documentary on the basics of forensic science. Presented the way forensic doctors are used to determine the identity of the dead, deduce the time of death, to provide the police with reliable evidence to solve the case. Through the documentary, it conveys the professional spirit of forensic medicine “for the dead, for the right of the living”. The cases do not tend to be curious, but are selected from real life events. Killing a girlfriend, killing a husband, molesting a sexually challenged person and killing a sister by a brother-in-law ……


Bloody scenes, foul-smelling corpses, working around the clock. This is what forensic doctors are all going through, and it is through their dissection and analysis that they make the truth come out. These moments are shining people, worthy of every person’s respect.

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