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“One Flew over the Cuckoo’s Nest” is a very special movie, and although it was made at the end of the last century, many people are still talking about it. One Flew over the Cuckoo’s Nest was the best picture winner at the 48th Academy Awards. Scores and awards can not fully explain the value of a work, each film will have different meaning to different audiences, this film is the same, you need to watch it to know why the film is so popular, and received so many audiences. But before you watch it, or after you watch it, take a look at what follows and discuss what the story is and why. Or, when we do, we may have learned something unique.


The film basically says that Mike Murphy is a criminal in prison who is trying to find a way out of prison because he hates the forced labor. But as a criminal, he could not leave the prison at will. So he thought of a clever way, is to pretend that he is a mental illness, so he had a chance to be sent to a mental hospital by the prison people. When Mike Murphy arrived at the asylum, instead of feeling trapped, he became more free. And Mike Murphy, out of compassion, tries to help the mentally ill escape from the asylum. Before Mike Murphy’s plan was successful, he was made a real mental patient by the doctors of the mental hospital. So the title of the film was One Flew over the Cuckoo’s Nest because Mike’s plan was to get the patients out of the asylum.




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When I was little, I didn’t know what freedom was. When we grow up, we find that there are many restraints on us, then we know how important freedom is to us. Although we can hardly say what is freedom, we always pursue it. The story is also about freedom, and like McMurphy, as a prisoner, he yearns for freedom inside the walls, and he cannot escape. He went all the way to the mental hospital to escape that illiberal environment. It’s just that when you have too much expectation about a place, it tends to turn into a disappointment. When McMurphy goes to the mental hospital where he thinks he will be more free, he finds that it doesn’t have the freedom he wants.


In psychiatric hospitals, there are also very strict controls. Mentally ill people, like prisoners, are subject to these controls and live under them. None of the mental patients rebelled against the control. McMurphy was a prisoner, but he was perfectly sane. He sees this regulation, and he finds it oppressive, so he fights it in a mental hospital. At the same time, McMurphy has been updating the minds of the people in the mental hospital, hoping to arouse their inner desire for freedom, to give them spiritual freedom, to give them the idea of escaping from the lunatic asylum.


Because McMurphy’s own desire for freedom is manifest in his own actions, he infects those around him. Their minds had no conception of freedom, but mike’s catfish had awakened the sardine can. But the reason why they obey discipline is because of the management. When managers realized that the mood was not right, and that McMurphy was the one causing the ruckus, they decided to turn him into a real patient. They performed brain surgery on Mike, and the normal McMurphy turned into a real idiot. So Mike, who had to fly over the cuckoo’s nest, could no longer fly over the cuckoo’s nest, and no longer thought of doing so.




McMurphy never had the opportunity to realize his vision of freedom, but he made an impact on those around him. Ziff, for example, was convinced by McMurphy that he wanted to be free, and he managed to escape the asylum. Ziff finally gets his own happiness, and Mike gets his wish, in a sense. The setting of the film is a lunatic asylum, which is of course a special setting because most of us don’t have that experience. But what is crazy? Are we all normal? When we are different from the people around us, will we also be regarded as crazy. The nurse in the film looks like a manager, but also looks like a predator.


For example, the head nurse has been pressing the sick Billy, Billy had been able to speak normally, but because of the nurse’s pressing his condition deteriorated again. Billy’s condition worsened, and finally Billy committed suicide. Instead, Murphy looks more like a villain. Although He had a chance to escape before, Mike has taken the people around him as good friends, so he decides to help them. When Mike bonded with his fellow patients, he was willing to back off his freedom project for them. At the end of the film, Ziff smothered mike, who had already been hurt, with a pillow. Far from being cruel, it’s a reminder of ziff’s awakened humanity. It must have been the decision of the conscious Mike, the outcast in this lunatic asylum and the light of hope for these people.


Some people regard this movie as their own life movie, our hearts are bound by something, how to fly over the madhouse in the heart, can only rely on their own to find the answer.

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