Have you mastered these core knowledge of disability prevention?

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Disability brings heavy economic and mental pressure to individuals and families“ Strengthen disability prevention and promote health for all. “Today, Alopah popularizes relevant knowledge:


Disability prevention refers to taking effective measures and methods for common causes of disability, such as genetic, development, trauma, disease, environment, behavior and other risk factors, so as to prevent or reduce the occurrence of disabling diseases and injuries, limit or reverse the disability caused by injuries, and prevent the disability from becoming a disability after the occurrence of disability.


There are three common causes of disability around us: first, genetic and developmental factors: such as close relative marriage and childbirth, genetic factors, intrauterine development defects, etc; Second, environmental and behavioral factors: such as bad behaviors such as smoking and drinking, suffering from some diseases during pregnancy, taking improper drugs, fetal hypoxia and injury during production, etc. The three is the injury and disease factors, and the resulting disability is also called acquired disability. The main factors leading to acquired disability are infectious diseases and non communicable diseases, such as Japanese encephalitis, measles, diabetes, hypertension, mental illness, etc. Accidental injuries can lead to disability, such as traffic accidents, industrial injuries, radiation and other injuries.


What are the core contents of disability prevention?


1.Effectively control the disability caused by birth defects and developmental disorders


1,Have planned pregnancy and avoid childbearing at an older age.


2,Keep away from alcohol and tobacco, toxic and harmful substances.


3,Take the initiative to accept premarital health care services and pre pregnancy eugenics health examination.


4,No partial eclipse, folic acid supplement, scientific iodine supplement and reasonable weight control.


5,Prevent early pregnancy infection and use drugs under the guidance of doctors.


6,Receive regular prenatal care and prenatal screening.


7,Actively accept neonatal disease screening and visit.


8,Pay close attention to the growth and development of children and participate in physical examination regularly.


Disability prevention


2.Focus on prevention and control of disability caused by diseases


1,Reasonable diet, less oil, salt and sugar, and eat more vegetables and fruits.


2,Adhere to exercise, eat and balance, and avoid overweight and obesity.


3,Do not smoke, drink less and stay away from second-hand smoke.


4,Learn self-health management and pay attention to the changes of blood pressure, blood glucose and blood lipid.


5,Regular physical examination, early detection of diseases and timely treatment.


6,Pay attention to personal and environmental hygiene, stay away from infectious sources, and timely vaccinate the whole process of the national immunization plan.


7,Keep a pleasant mood, get along well with others, and seek professional help in time in case of psychological abnormalities.


8,See a doctor in time, follow the doctor’s advice and standardize treatment.


3. Efforts to reduce injury and disability


1,Take good care of children to prevent drowning, falling, falling and other injuries.


2,Create a safe home environment, strengthen balance exercise and reduce falls in the elderly.


3,Abide by traffic regulations, travel safely and civilized, and prevent traffic injuries.


4,Buy regular products and use them correctly according to the instructions.


5,Abide by safety production regulations and do a good job of occupational protection.


6,Learn risk avoidance and escape knowledge and improve self-protection ability.


7,Master basic first aid skills and deal with injuries scientifically.


4. Significantly improve the status of rehabilitation services


1,Carry out rehabilitation as soon as possible to avoid disability and reduce the degree of disability.


2,Establish confidence and adhere to systematic rehabilitation training.


3,Scientifically adapt assistive devices to improve the quality of life.


4,Face the disability bravely and take the initiative to go out of the house.


5,Family members actively participate and fully intervene in the rehabilitation process.


6,Respect differences and accept persons with disabilities equally.


7,Take care of barrier free facilities and take the initiative to provide convenience for the disabled.


Everyone is the first responsible person for their “health”. Disability prevention is also inseparable from the participation and support of the broad masses of the people. Only when everyone is responsible, everyone contributes, joint prevention and control, and mass prevention and treatment, can disability prevention really achieve practical results.

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