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World Health Day (World Health Day), which was established by the World Health Organization in 1948, is a global anniversary. It aims to call the attention of the world’s countries to health issues, through the promotion and popularization of health-related knowledge, mobilize the people of the world to generally care about and improve the current health situation, and improve human health. To learn about public health, Alopah recommends several high-rated medical dramas that medical students like to watch, which not only have a good plot, but also can increase health knowledge.


medical dramas


The Good Doctor


The Good Doctor is a medical drama directed by Seth Gordon and Mike Risto, starring Freddie Highmore and Nicholas Gonzalez, and aired on ABC in 2017. The series was adapted by writer David Shaw from the Korean version of the same name, which was a high-rating miracle. The story follows Sean Murphy, a young, talented surgeon who is honest, straightforward and socially awkward, and who suffers from scholastic syndrome, an artistic or academic ability beyond the norm, a syndrome that affects 10% of people with autism. He deals with a variety of everyday difficulties while also struggling to escape his own dilemma and obstacle of being unable to establish normal social relationships with others. The play focuses on the physical illnesses of the patients while also looking at and exploring the mental health issues of the doctors themselves. It is warm and healing and wonderfully funny, and its themes are real and thought-provoking.


House M.D.


House M.D. is a classic among medical dramas for American fans. Its creative team, like “The Good Doctor”, comes from David Shaw. The series tells the story of the eccentric Dr. Greg House of Princeton University Hospital, using his own set of medical ideas, and three brilliant assistants to solve numerous difficult cases. Dr. House subverts our commonly perceived image of a doctor who dresses strangely, speaks meanly and rudely, and never believes what his patients say. But beneath his unconventional appearance is his unerring judgment of illnesses and his great passion for solving medical problems and saving lives. The medical expertise in the show is rich and solid, and even many medical students and practitioners have said the show has piqued their curiosity and broadened their horizons.


Grey’s Anatomy


In a survey conducted by a major medical professional website, the top medical drama with the most likes from doctors was Grey’s Anatomy. Considered the “evergreen” of American medical dramas, Grey’s Anatomy has been on ABC for seventeen seasons since 2005. The show has an impressive level of professionalism in the medical genre. In addition to the workplace experiences and emotional entanglements of the doctors-in-training, some of the more touching stories of the show are about the patients. In the face of illness, they show their tenacity and value of life, which makes the audience understand the meaning of life more.


Monday Mornings


Premiering in 2013, “Monday Mornings” was originally titled “Chelsea General Hospital” and directed by Bill D’Elia. The series is based on the novel by neurosurgeon and CNN chief medical correspondent Sanjay Gupta. The hospital is home to several of the world’s top surgeons, and Alfred Molina plays Harding, the chief of surgery, who is known for his anti-traditional approach to saving lives. He is responsible for convening a routine Monday seminar where various medical issues are discussed, including top secret medical issues and even medical malpractice. In addition to the realistic recreation of the hospital’s surgical scenes, the show is more profound in its poignant analysis of human nature. “To save or not to save” and “how to save” are the choices doctors face countless times in the process of treating patients, and each wrong choice will leave them with a deep lesson. This is the most fascinating part of the play.


This is Life


Released in 2016, This is Life is a drama documentary directed by Chen Weijun. The film chronicles the trials and tribulations of four women in extreme circumstances and their families during the hospital birth process. The filming team took the camera deep into the obstetrics and gynecology department of Wuhan University Central South Hospital, followed the film for two years, spending more than 700 days and 500 hours of material, forming more than 80 stories, and finally selected these four stories from the 40 complete stories authorized by the subjects. The plot has ups and downs, and the footage is real and vivid. Through a unique perspective, it reflects the problems of individuals, families and society in all aspects. Although filmed in documentary style, it is no less exciting and shocking than a drama film.


The World of Humanity


It is a medical news documentary jointly planned and filmed by Shanghai Radio and Television Station and Shanghai Municipal Health and Family Planning Commission. It takes a medical incident in a hospital as the background, and shows the world through telling a real story about medical treatment such as critical care, 120 emergency, citizen organ donation and hospice care.


Through touching stories, the medical drama has deepened the audience’s understanding of health care knowledge and medical workers. Most of these stories are based on real medical cases, and the medical personnel in the dramas represent millions of medical workers. It is because of their respect and enthusiasm for their profession that they are able to rise to the challenge, defy hardship and pressure, guard people’s health, save lives with their lives, and race against time in the face of epidemic prevention and control, public health safety and difficult diseases. On this World Health Day, tribute to all health care workers.

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