If you’re holding a heart in your hand, talk about responsibility! 6 Highly Rated Health Care Movie Dramas

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“As a doctor, you need to be as good as you can be, because the opportunity to correct mistakes, doesn’t happen very often.” The American drama “Grey’s Anatomy” says so. Today we share 6 health care movies & dramas with health care stories, medical errors, and reflections from the US, Japan, and Romania.


1, Grey’s Anatomy


Director: Shanda Lemes, etc.


Grey and his four best friends start with a surgical internship at Grace Hospital, and after experiencing intense job training, complicated and undulating relationships, and various sadistic accidents, they become outstanding doctors in their respective fields. A medical incident in Season 6, Episode 6, presents the full tragic picture of a burn patient’s death through the memories of different characters and multiple perspectives. It is eventually revealed that what led to the young mother’s systemic failure and blood loss and death was a routine part of the procedure that was overlooked at the beginning – the throat condition check, coupled with the chaotic situation in the emergency room late at night.


2, Dr. House


Director: Ann Donahue et al


A doctor who doesn’t wear jeans is not a good detective. Dr. House is a maverick in the hospital, believing in the motto “everyone lies”, but solving a difficult case with his excellent ability and technical team. In the second season, there was an accident: a female patient with stomach problems developed severe chest pains, and after the treating doctor Chase gave her prednisone for leukodystrophy, she developed a stomach ulcer with sepsis and died after a series of treatments and surgeries failed. Chase was later sued by the patient’s relatives because Chase ignored her diarrhea and blood in the stool.


Health Care Movie


3, The White Tower


Director: Hiroshi Nishitani / Keita Kawano / Masanori Murakami / Kazuyuki Iwata


Zaizen Goro and Satomi Shure, both with the desire to save lives to become doctors, Zaizen ambitious, and eventually become the hospital’s first professor of surgery, Satomi but only keen on research, their personalities determine different paths, but also pointed to their respective destinies …… The climax of the episode is a medical malpractice lawsuit. Zaizen proposed a plan for surgery on cancer patient Youhei Sasaki, but refused to provide more information. He also did not delve into the possibility of cancer metastasis before the surgery, and left the country after the surgery. Sasaki’s condition took a sharp turn for the worse and he finally died. His widow, bent on seeking justice for her husband, finally succeeded in her case, thanks to the efforts of her lawyer, regardless of the cost.


4, Early Monday Morning


Director: Bill D’Elia  


It is said that this play had attracted much attention and discussion in the country’s hospitals. Chelsea General Hospital, which has many top surgeons, holds a “Morbidity and Mortality” seminar every Monday morning to discuss medical skills and ethics in various cases. A 17-year-old girl with a scar on her left ear caused by a dog bite came to the hospital for surgery to remove the scar. The doctor negligently used impure anesthetics, and the knot led to the patient’s cardiac arrest and death by resuscitation, and the attending physician was later fired from the hospital. Similar to the plot, since Dr. Ernest Codman initiated it in 1900, today most medical services in the United States hold such peer seminars regularly, and every doctor can learn from the cases discussed.


5, No Medical Reliability


Director: Christi Puyo  


In the early morning in Romania, an old man was suddenly ill and sent to an ambulance, but was rejected by several hospitals in succession, and was only treated after a long period of time. The coldness of the system and procedures is both absurd and real in this difficult search for medical treatment. The film’s director said in an interview, “I hope people will go see this film because it’s all worth it at the end of the movie, even if you don’t agree with these pessimistic black views, I think it’s still worth it, it will make you think – I mean you’ll die too, maybe die alone. ”


6, Nick’s Hospital


Director: Steven Soderbergh  


In 1900 New York, there were no sterile operating rooms, much less antibiotics. Surgery in the amphitheater, if the patient is alive, this will be a teaching lesson; if the patient dies, it becomes a show of blood and flesh. The chief of surgery in the play, having experienced 12 consecutive failed cesarean sections, could not bear such great torture and eventually chose to commit suicide, despite his desire for medical progress. The price of medical technology development, at that time, meant a lot of attempts, deaths and great mental stress for doctors. And with a relatively mature medical system today, where to reflect on the various types of tragedies caused by careless or even illegal back benevolent practitioners?

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