Michael Jackson and vitiligo

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Michael Jackson (MJ), as the most influential singer in western pop music, is very popular everywhere. What can echo with his remarkable musical achievements is that he bears the crime of “betraying race”. The origin of the crime is that as a black man, he has whiter skin than a white man. Jackson’s own explanation: suffering from “vitiligo“, covered up by heavy makeup. It turned out that Michael Jackson turned white due to “vitiligo”, so how did he cover up the fact of suffering from vitiligo through vitiligo covering method?


In an interview with a real record of MJ, MJ’s makeup artist has made it clear that when white spots appear at the beginning, he uses makeup to cover the white part, but later, there are more and more white and less black, so he can only begin to accommodate the white part and cover the black part with makeup. She also said that every time MJ performs, Every inch of the body that may be exposed should be carefully covered with makeup. Another point is very important. Because of the lack of pigment, MJ needs to make up not only his skin color, because epilepsy will turn people’s eyebrows and even eyelashes white, so MJ needs to make up his whole face.


We are not sure whether Michael Jackson really suffers from vitiligo, but it seems that he suffers from the skin disease.




What is vitiligo? See vitiligo:


Vitiligo, a skin disease, is difficult to cure. The reason why we explained “difficult to cure” at the beginning of introducing the disease is because we are worried that patients will be deceived. Modern medicine believes that vitiligo is a primary, localized or generalized skin depigmentation, which is caused by the decline and loss of tyrosinase system in melanin of skin and hair follicles. Its pathogenesis is complex, which is related to many factors, such as immunity, spirit, heredity, environment and so on. Therefore, the disease can not be effectively and completely cured. The history of treatment can be traced back to the 13th century. Egyptians began to use the seeds of great AMI to treat vitiligo.


Vitiligo may be life-threatening in some cases, such as concurrent skin cancer or suicide due to low self-esteem.


The impact of vitiligo on people mainly includes the following aspects:


It has a serious impact on the normal study and life of patients, because of the abnormal skin, resulting in psychological impact.


Many people in society have certain discrimination against vitiligo, which is the most sad thing.


Vitiligo patients have weak UV Defense Ability and are prone to skin cancer.


Vitiligo can induce a variety of diseases, such as pernicious anemia, psoriasis and so on.


Therefore, vitiligo must be attached great importance to early detection and timely treatment, so as to reduce and control the occurrence and development of the disease.


Vitiligo lesions can be divided into stable period and progressive period. The former indicates that the lesions are stable and will not continue to develop for the time being. It is uncertain whether they will continue to develop in the future. The progressive stage indicates that the lesions are expanding. About 15% of patients can improve by themselves, and the skin lesions tend to return to normal. In any case, the disease itself does not affect life, no itching, no pain, no symptoms, does not affect organ function, but will affect beauty. If the character itself is lonely, it is more likely to cause personality disorder. Therefore, we must pay attention to the treatment of the disease. Although the treatment of this disease is difficult, easy to repeat and the course of disease is long, as long as we adhere to the treatment under the guidance of professional doctors, we can still achieve certain results, and patients should be patient.

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