The most suitable for ordinary people to read 5 medical science books

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The most suitable for ordinary people to read 5 medical science books


The selfish gene


This is probably the most famous science book in biology. Alopah first came up with the idea to recommend it because it offered a highly advanced theory that genes adopt various “selfish” behavioral strategies in order to replicate and spread themselves more successfully. How do you understand that? We all know that female mantises eat male mantises during mating to replenish their nutrition. But the study found that it wasn’t because she was hungry at the time, it was because her genes, which have long coveted nutrients, made her behave! So just as evolution can explain most things in anthropology, with the selfish gene, you can explain a lot of things in life yourself!


The survival of the sick


medical science books


If you’ve been unlucky enough to catch a cold, or if you’ve been suffering from minor ailments, don’t be too nervous. Because the book tells us that human beings have made agreements with many diseases in the course of evolution. For example, most people don’t experience severe symptoms after catching a cold, rarely severe enough to become bedridden. This is because the cold virus is letting us go! It in order to spread out their own, control their “ability to harm”! Of course, this is not to say that illness is ok, the book also teaches us a lot of basic principles of disease prevention. It also shows us that many diseases have been completely solved. Alopah just wants people to borrow the book and change the way they think about disease. Keep optimistic, human medical progress continues!


Missing microbes


When Alopah was young, she often heard adults say things like, “Can’t you get rid of a cold? Just a shot of antibiotics!” After reading the book, I felt the idea was a bit scary! Because this book tells us by example, every time you get sick with antibiotics, anti-inflammatory drugs, it is likely to produce a “drug-resistant” superbug! As a result, in the future we may have no drugs to fight such superbugs at all! In the end, a simple cold can lead to death. In reality, the practice and idea of abuse of antibiotics is not in the minority. So this book is not only for professional doctors to read, ordinary readers, parents also need to read, this is about our future.


The gift of cellular life


Because of the title of the book, many people will think it is an advanced and professional book and miss it.But To Alopah, this is the softest book on today’s list, perfect for the unread. I especially like the way the book looks at the earth as a whole cell. The food we eat every day comes from millions of cells in nature, and ultimately feeds millions of cells in our own body. Even cells affect your thoughts and emotions. Depression, for example, has a strong relationship with certain gut bacteria. This book will allow you to take a look at the “big cell” of the earth instead of the conventional human-centered mindset, and it is truly magnificent.


The truth of the eat


The so-called “disease enters the mouth”, if you want to be healthy, eating correctly must be the first thing. But do you really know the “truth” about food? I don’t know. I’ve read a lot of books on the subject, and it’s always bickering. And this one, as far as I’m concerned, is rich in content and authoritative in its conclusions. It’s pretty accurate on a lot of controversial topics. For example, many people believe that free-range chickens must be healthier and tastier than farmed ones. But the truth is often anti-common sense. Free-range chickens, which are likely to have particularly poor sanitation, are more likely to contain disease-causing bacteria in their eggs. For example, many people believe that eating liver can enrich the blood. But in fact, the liver is the animal body “toxin” deposition of the most parts, especially when feeding children to be careful! These are very straightforward conclusions that can be applied to life. Have a copy at home, very necessary!

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