The plague is the black death. It reduced one third of the population in Europe and gave birth to the invention of masks

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Plague = black death > COVID-19! Kill one third of the population of Europe and accelerate the demise of the Ming Dynasty


Recently, the General Hospital of Ningxia Medical University has confirmed a case of plague, but we must not take it seriously. It is possible that many people do not understand the plague, but it is known that the black plague is the black death. The black death is the plague. The plague, the plague massacre and the black death are the delicacy descriptions of the plague.


The plague of Europe killed millions in 1348.


Why do rats cross the street and everyone yells? If you have seen the plague disaster, you will understand. In the introduction of the 10th day talks, Bio, a pioneer of humanism in Italy Renaissance, said that a particularly serious black death in Florence was actually a plague. He described how the patient suddenly fell down on the street and died, or breathed coldly in his home. The neighbors didn’t know what happened next door until the dead body smelled rotten.


In 1348, a great plague began to ravage the whole of Europe. The disease was discovered in Sicily in 1347 and immediately spread to North Africa, Italy and Spain, and then to France the following year. It spread to Austria, Switzerland, Germany and Netherlands in 1394; It spread to northern Europe, Scandinavia and Baltic coastal countries in 1350. It also happened from time to time until 1400, more than 50 years ago. More than 25 million people in Europe died from the plague, accounting for about one third of the total population of Europe at that time, and the number of deaths exceeded any epidemic in history.


Over the next 300 years, plague broke out again and again, becoming the highest mortality rate in Europe. When Newton studied in Cambridge 31 college, he had to temporarily suspend school and return to the countryside because of plague.




The plague accelerated the Ming Dynasty’s demise.


Some people say that emperor Chongzhen was actually a good emperor. Although this is not accurate, Chongzhen was indeed a hard-working emperor, but years of natural and man-made disasters became the last straw to crush the Ming Dynasty.


In the late Ming Dynasty, a big drought happened. The harvest was very bad. Many people chose to rob rat nest to rob rats and eat food because of hunger. Some even caught rats. The drought made rats hot. They looked for water and drank water from all sides. The mice started off in groups and ran to all directions, and in the process, the plague broke out.


The “Shanxi plague” and “Beijing plague” made Shanxi and Beijing almost become empty cities, and Shandong and Zhejiang were also unscathed. The unbearable hunger and the destruction of families led to the rise of refugees everywhere and the continuous peasant uprisings. Finally, Li Zicheng broke through the capital and the destruction of the Ming Dynasty.


The invention of plague and masks at the end of Qing Dynasty


In November 9, 1910, a plague occurred in Harbin, and the first disaster occurred in Fu Jiadian. The plague was introduced into Manchuria by Siberia, Russia, and soon spread to Harbin, endangering the whole territory of Northeast China. The epidemic was serious and spread rapidly. The average daily death of more than 50 people in the city was 183 days.


In order to prevent droplet infection, Wu Liande designed an extremely simple double-layer gauze bag mask, that is, two layers of gauze with a built-in absorbent cotton, which can isolate the virus. Later, at the world plague Research Conference held in Shenyang, all countries agreed to adopt this mask. So far, medical staff are still using this kind of mask, which is called “Wu’s mask”.

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