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Tired of reading medical books, do you want to have some medical popular science books? Reading books related to your major can not only deepen your understanding of book knowledge, but also broaden your knowledge. Why not? Today, alopah will recommend several medical popular science books, which are excellent products left after the test of time~


Legend outside the heart — Author: Li Chenchen


Content introduction:


The heart was once a restricted area difficult to reach by the scalpel. People with heart damage often have only a dead end. However, for more than 60 years, human attempts to challenge this taboo have never stopped, and broken hearts finally ushered in the hope of rebirth.


Surgeon Li Chenchen reveals to readers all kinds of unknown details in this unique historical process with calm and delicate strokes. In order to save the lives of thousands of creatures, a group of pioneers who fought desperately with the God of death resolutely walked into a thorn bush, opened up a way of life for those who were bound to die, and created cardiac surgery from scratch. This is a big play mixed with tenacity, luck, blood, sadness and even blood.




1,This book is more like a suspense novel, one suspense after another. After consulting countless materials, we can give the answer closest to history… This era needs such a book to let readers who are not medical majors understand the development and limitations of medicine.


2,The author describes the development of cardiac surgery by telling a story, with smooth writing, fascinating content and strong readability. This way of writing is worth advocating, otherwise science seems too boring, in fact, it is not.


King of diseases: a biography of cancer –Author: Siddhartha Mukherjee


Content introduction:


The author Siddhartha Mukherjee was six years old. With detailed historical data, professional literature, media reports, patient interviews and other information, the author explained to the readers the origin and development of cancer and the history of human struggle against and prevention of cancer. The author reveals a kind of socialized care from the perspectives of medicine, culture, society and politics; Vivid and literary writing techniques show vivid characters and historical events.




When I read this book, my feeling of medicine was torn left and right.


For a moment, I felt that the understanding and treatment of cancer were still ancient and absurd just a few decades ago; At the same time, he lamented that many of the usual methods to deal with cancer were medical routines a hundred years ago, but connecting these routines with the treatment of cancer must go through a process of exploration and confirmation from the beginning.


 medical books


Human body map – Author: (day) Haitang Zun


Content introduction:


This book will help you have a comprehensive understanding of all parts of the body, so that you can have a more comprehensive understanding of your body structure and the functions of all parts. Using vivid and interesting illustrations, the author clearly presents the little-known mystery of the human body to the readers: there are holes in the wall of the fetal heart, eggs can be observed with the naked eye, the heart beats more than 3 billion times from birth to death, the amount of sperm ejaculated each time is 500 million, the urine storage capacity of the bladder is 500 ml, what will happen to the body without the spleen 100000 brain nerve cells are dying every day




The small and fresh writing style and the form of cartoon illustrations replace the presentation of lengthy, cumbersome and complex academic problems, and transform the full text into vivid metaphors. Objectively speaking, although its content is very simple, its expression is also simple and colloquial, but “although the sparrow has all five internal organs”, the book presents a complete human body system.


Accidental discovery of modern medicine –Author: Morton Meyers (USA)


Content introduction:


Accidental discovery of modern medicine is a book published by Sanlian Bookstore press of life, reading and new knowledge on August 1, 2011.


With the help of personal experience, research and interviews with the winners of famous awards such as the Nobel Prize in medicine, the author tells the role of accidental discoveries in the main medical fields in the 20th century, and reveals the factors hindering scientific discovery in the modern education and scientific research system.


The approaching plague — Author: Laurie Garrett


Content introduction:


The approaching plague is a documentary literary work about the occurrence and development of major epidemic and intractable diseases in the world in recent years edited and published by the Sanlian bookstore of life, reading and new knowledge in June 2008. This book describes in detail the practices and Countermeasures of human beings in war with major plagues such as AIDS, malaria, pathogens, SARS, avian influenza, and truthfully recorded the current situation of these epidemic epidemics and analyzed the related reasons seriously. Laurie Garrett, a famous female journalist in the United States, is the first person to win three famous News Awards: the Peabody award, George Polk award and Pulitzer award.




In this tense documentary work like a thriller, the author tells people in a convincing tone that mankind has lost the war with the plague.


In the first decades of this book, AIDS has spread from Africa and the United States to the whole world. Malaria, once eliminated, has revived in the tropics, killing more than people can live in; The drug-resistant knot bacteria have come back again, infecting new people at an alarming rate; How many lives have SARS swallowed up in China in a few months? Bird flu has been rising one after another all over the world for many years, and the news of dead people has been coming; Facts show that the author is not alarmist. If you love life and cherish health, you should read this book. After all, life is only once for people.


Conclusion: there are a vast number of medical books, and there are countless interesting and valuable books. The few books recommended here are only rare. If this book pushing article can play a role in choosing books for readers, it will also have existence value.

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