What are the five books that medical students must read?

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What are the five books that medical students must read? Here are the five books that Alopah has carefully put together for you to read as a medical student. I hope you enjoy!


Medical books:


The Way of Life


Author :(British) William; Austin le


Why you should recommend it: The book is about William, the father of modern clinical medicine; A collection of twenty speeches by Osler (1849-1919), regarded as one of the important intellectual documents of the 20th century. Osler has served at McGill University, the University of Pennsylvania, and John F. Kennedy university. Hopkins university and other medical professors. In this book, the author brings his profound classical humanistic cultivation into the medical field, covering medical ethics, medical care and humanitarian care, as well as the relationship between medicine and disease, and his wise life and medical practice philosophy permeates every line.


Medical books


The Youngest Science


Author: (Us) Lewis; Thomas the


Why it’s recommended: Lewis; Thomas (1993-1993) graduated from Harvard Medical School and served as dean of The New York University School of Medicine and Dean of the Yale University School of Medicine. The book, his third, is the closest and most comprehensive look at the history of modern Western medicine, chronicling the changes in the medical profession, scientific activity and medical advances in the United States from the early years of the last century to the 1970s. Thomas’s first two books, “A Celebration of Cellular Life” and “The Jellyfish and the Snail,” are also well worth reading.




Author :(French) by camus


Why it’s recommended: Albert; Camus is a famous French novelist, essayist and playwright, “existential” literature master, “Plague” is one of camus’s most important representative works, through the description of a north African city called Oran after the outbreak of plague, with the protagonist, Dr. Lieu as the representative of a large number of people struggle against the plague story. The author won the Nobel Prize in Literature, along with three other Nobel prize-winning books: Borris in 1958; Leonidovich; Pasternak, Doctor Zhivago; 1970, Solzhenitsyn, Cancer Building; In 1982, Marquez won the Nobel Prize for love in the Time of Cholera.


Doctor Atul


Author: Atul; Dr Gawande


Why it’s recommended: Atul; As the youngest health policy adviser in the White House, And an associate professor of clinical surgery at Harvard Medical School, He was a key influence on Obamacare policy. Dr. Atul is a two-book book on his humanistic reflections as a physician. Atul’s book “All Doctors Make Terrible Mistakes”, an excerpt from the book, was widely circulated online recently. His July 2012 book, the List Revolution, is worth reading.


Learn Management from the world’s best Hospital


By Berry


The Mayo Clinic is the world’s largest private medical institution and the mecca of medicine. It hardly puts any advertising, but it is well known in the medical circles and even the management circles all over the world. It can be called a living fossil in the management circles with its excellent management ideas and practices. The book introduces to the public how the clinic operates. It is not only a good medical book, but also a good management literature.

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