What is human anatomy?

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What is human anatomy? Human anatomy is a science that studies the morphology, structure, location, proximity and the relationship between structure and function of each part of the normal human body. It is divided into two parts: gross anatomy and microanatomy.


Gross anatomy is the science of cutting corpses with the help of anatomical instruments and observing the morphology and structure of human organs and systems with the naked eye. Microanatomy can be divided into cytology and histology. Microanatomy must study the fine structure of human body with the help of optical microscope or electron microscope.


Definition of human anatomy

With the progress of mankind and the development of science and culture, due to the different objects served by human anatomy, there are differences in research methods, emphases and purposes, so a number of unique divisions have gradually formed:


for example, systematic anatomy that studies and describes the morphology and structure of organs in each system according to the systems that make up the human body; According to the division of human body and the needs of medical surgery, this paper studies and discusses the morphology, location and adjacent relationship of various structures in each body; Artistic anatomy to meet the professional requirements of painting and sculpture;


What is human anatomy


Sports anatomy to study the relationship between morphological structure and function of human organs and structures in sports and training; It specially expounds the applied anatomy of the hierarchical structure of various clinical operations. In addition, due to different research methods, there are gross (macroscopic) anatomy based on naked eye observation and anatomical operation and tissue observation by microscope and electron microscope, that is, microscopical and ultrastructural anatomy. There is also human embryology or human genesis, which is specialized in the process and law of ontogeny and development.


In view of the rapid development of neuroscience in the past two decades and the trend that neuroscience may become a biological science and leading discipline in the next century, and referring to the curriculum of medical colleges in developed countries, our department has reformed the two courses of systematic anatomy and regional anatomy, and established two courses of general anatomy and neuroanatomy, In order to adapt to the development trend of neuroscience in the world and promote the rapid renewal of teaching content, a separate course will be set up for the original central nervous system.


Most of the rest of the knowledge of human body morphology and structure are classified into this course, that is, general anatomy. The teaching of this course is divided into two stages. The first stage briefly introduces the structural knowledge of various systems and organs of the human body, mainly lectures, supplemented by necessary confirmatory practice. However, for the bone system constituting the human frame, it is required to master all the required contents at this stage.


In the second stage, anatomical observation was carried out one by one according to each body part of the human body. The basic method is that after the teacher prompts, the students carry out anatomical operation independently according to the teaching materials, obtain the knowledge of human body morphology and structure, and gradually cultivate and improve the students’ observation ability, analysis and judgment ability, comprehensive induction ability, and certain anatomical operation skills.


At this stage, necessary theoretical lectures are interspersed. The main task is to guide the students to serialize and theorize the knowledge obtained in practice. In addition, teachers of relevant clinical departments are invited to teach the significance of some structural contents in clinical diagnosis and treatment, so as to broaden students’ horizons and ideas and increase their interest in learning.

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