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There are various dosage forms of drugs commonly used in life, such as tablets, capsules, granules, oral liquids... Even the same drug has different dosage forms, such as aspirin, tablets, injections, ointments, suppositories, syrups, children's tablets, effervescent tablets, sustained-release tablets, enteric coated tablets, microcapsules and many other dosage forms.
Recently, a patient said that when taking capsule drugs, he often got stuck in his throat and couldn't swallow them. He asked if he could remove the capsule shell and take the drugs with water? I believe that in daily life, we have also thought about taking the capsule after removing the capsule shell.
Hepatitis C virus (HCV) infection causes liver inflammation that can lead to liver problems, including cancer. People who have chronic hepatitis C need medication to treat it. These drugs can help ease symptoms.Even if an HCV infection hasn’t caused symptoms yet, it’s still important to treat it.
Women who undergo a medical abortion often experience bleeding and cramping that can last for up to two weeks after the procedure, including passing blood clots. Other common side effects include:
The abortion pill is also known as a medical abortion. ­There are two main types of abortions: medical abortions and surgical abortions. A medical abortion may be commonly called “the abortion pill” but it involves taking two types of abortion pills.
Ranitidine is a selective H2 receptor antagonist, which can competitively antagonize the binding of histamine to H2 receptor on gastric parietal cells, effectively inhibit basal gastric acid secretion and gastric acid secretion caused by histamine, pentapeptide gastrin and food stimulation, reduce gastric enzyme activity
Since the United States stopped using ranitidine, the European Union also announced a complete stop. According to the EMA document issued by the European drug administration, the EMA human drug committee (CHMP) recommended that all ranitidine drugs in the EU be discontinued because of the low level of NDMA impurities.
There are seven kinds of daily sartan antihypertensive drugs, including valsartan, losartan, irbesartan, olmesartan, telmisartan, candesartan and alisartan; Although they are both sartan antihypertensive drugs, their country of origin, research and development place and dosage are different.
Vaccines have dramatically reduced the incidence of both bacterial and viral meningitis. There are several types of vaccine, and each type is given at a different age and protects against a different type of meningitis.
Many colleges require students to get a meningococcal vaccine before moving into a dorm. Some summer camps also require it. And there's good reason.Meningococcal disease can become life threatening quickly, and teens are at higher risk of getting it. It's a leading cause of bacterial meningitis in teens.
Because the psychopathology of eating disorders is quite broad and severe, involving everything from core fears of obesity, overpriced perceptions of weight and body size, and preoccupation with food, to behavioral compulsions and stereotypes, and emotional anxiety, depression, irritability, and hostility, many psychopharmacological treatments have been used to manage these symptoms in patients with eating disorders.
Axsome therapeutics is a clinical biopharmaceutical company focused on developing innovative therapies for central nervous system (CNS) diseases. Recently, the company announced that the phase III stride-1 study evaluating axs-05 (dextromethorphan / bupropion release regulator) in the treatment of refractory depression (TRD) has completed patient randomization.
With regard to psychotropic drugs, we often see patients and their families ask the same thing in Dr. Zhaoyang's backstage and communication group: Based on such concerns, many patients will stop taking drugs or even give up taking drugs without authorization, resulting in relapse and prolongation of treatment time.
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