15 commonly used drugs contraindications

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I believe we all know that there is no toxicity of drugs and certain drugs or food taken together will produce toxicity, for this reason, Alopah edited and compiled for you, 15 commonly used drugs contraindications to this article, I hope it will help you.


1, antihypertensive drugs vs. grapefruit


Take antihypertensive drugs (mainly calcium antagonists) when you can not drink grapefruit. Grapefruit in the naringin will inhibit the production of certain metabolic enzymes in the intestinal tract, and these enzymes and the metabolism of antihypertensive drugs. The two taken at the same time, will cause the drug can not be metabolized properly, the accumulation in the blood, resulting in high concentrations of drugs in the blood, resulting in the risk of low blood pressure.


2, antibiotics vs. milk, juice


Do not drink milk or juice 2 hours before and after taking antibiotics. Milk will reduce the activity of antibiotics, so that the full effect of the drug can not be fully developed. The fruit juice, especially the fresh fruit juice rich in fruit acids will accelerate the dissolution of antibiotics, not only reduce the effectiveness of the drug, but also may increase the toxic side effects.


3, aspirin vs wine


The body is first oxidized to acetaldehyde, then acetic acid, and finally decomposed into water and excreted out of the body. Aspirin will prevent the oxidation of acetaldehyde into acetic acid, causing the accumulation of acetaldehyde in the body, aggravating symptoms such as fever and generalized pain, and also easily cause liver damage.


4, calcium tablets vs spinach


Spinach contains a large amount of potassium oxalate, after entering the body electrolysis of oxalate ions will precipitate calcium ions, preventing the body from absorbing calcium, but also easy to generate calcium oxalate stones. Do not eat spinach within 2 hours before and after taking calcium tablets, or cook the spinach first before eating.


5、Fenbid vs. coffee, cola


Fenbid is stimulating to the gastric mucosa, caffeine in coffee and coca base in cola will stimulate gastric acid secretion, aggravating the side effects of ibuprofen on the gastric mucosa and even inducing gastric bleeding and gastric perforation.


6, anti-allergy drugs vs cheese, meat products


Avoid eating cheese, meat products and other histidine-rich foods while taking anti-allergy medication. Because histidine will be converted into histamine in the body, and anti-allergy drugs inhibit histamine decomposition, causing histamine accumulation and inducing dizziness, headache, panic and other uncomfortable symptoms.


7, antidiarrheal drugs vs. milk


You can’t drink milk when taking antidiarrheal drugs, because milk not only reduces the effectiveness of antidiarrheal drugs, but its lactose content also tends to aggravate diarrhea.


8, natto, green vegetables vs. anticoagulant drugs


Natto and green vegetables are rich in vitamin K, is to support the health of the ingredients, rich in vitamin K, but will reduce the effect of the anticoagulant drugs to prevent blood clotting warfarin. In addition to natto, such as green juice, green algae and spinach, high vitamin K content of vegetables and beverages, during the period of taking warfarin must pay attention to its intake.


antihypertensive drugs


9, grapefruit vs. high blood pressure treatment drugs


Grapefruit contains ingredients to help lose weight. Is not someone ingest it every day? But it should be noted that grapefruit will enhance the role of hypertension and narrow heart disease and other therapeutic drugs such as calcium blockers. Of course, grapefruit juice is also the same.


10, milk vs. osteoporosis treatment drugs


For health every day will certainly drink milk should be a lot of people, but be careful. Milk should be careful for people who are taking antibiotics or osteoporosis treatment drugs. With milk taken at the same time, the calcium contained in milk will be combined with the drug, the effectiveness of the drug will be weakened.


11, avocado vs. anti-depressant drugs


Avocado is very simple and convenient to eat, but health experts pointed out that avocados and other tyramine contained in taking anti-depressant drugs (MAO inhibitors) in large quantities will cause headaches and high blood pressure. Similarly, there is cheese and chicken liver.


12, beer, cola and other carbonated beverages VS antipyretic and analgesic drugs


The widely used antipyretic and analgesic drugs for colds, when encountered with beer, cola and other carbonated beverages will reduce the absorption of antipyretic and analgesic drugs, and the effect will be weakened.


13, alcohol vs sleeping pills


Sleeping pills such as soundtrack and alcohol mixed in the body will enhance the effectiveness of the drug and trigger the possibility of side effects such as memory dysfunction. Therefore, the consumption of sleeping pills must pay special attention to alcohol after drinking or in the meal!


14, coffee, black tea, green tea vs. gout treatment drugs


Coffee, black tea and green tea contain a lot of caffeine, because it will hinder the excretion function of uric acid, so there is a possibility of affecting the role of gout treatment drugs. In addition, it will also weaken the effectiveness of drugs to prevent blood clotting, narrow heart disease, myocardial infarction and other treatment drugs, theophylline will also enhance the side effects of bronchodilators (insomnia, anxiety).


15, yeast infection drugs vs. anti-anxiety drugs


One capsule of yeast infection medicine can quickly eliminate the itchy vagina caused by yeast infection, but do not take any anti-anxiety medication at the same time within a week of taking the medicine, it will change the way liver enzymes metabolize sedatives, just one capsule of Valium or Xanax can also cause prolonged drowsiness.

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