Aspirin enteric-coated tablet, after all eat after the meal or eat hollow? Morning or evening?

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Century-old drug aspirin, due to inhibition of platelet aggregation, with precise so as to improve the blood circulation, prevent blood clots, so in recent years it has been from the early years of the clinical application of anti-inflammatory anti-rheumatism into disease prevention of thrombosis, and has become the mainstay of the prevention and treatment of cardiovascular disease such as preferred recommended for secondary prevention of coronary heart disease. Because of this, many patients need to take aspirin on a long-term basis.


Is aspirin enteric-coated tablet eaten after meal empty still eat?


We all know that drugs can be taken before, after, or just before bed, depending on how effective they are and how they irritate the gastrointestinal tract. Before the common tablets of aspirin because of the gastrointestinal mucosa has a stimulating injury, so appropriate after the meal. But with the development of drug preparation technology, in order to reduce the direct irritation of the drug to gastrointestinal mucosa, aspirin has been made into enteric-coated tablets.


In terms of the characteristics of enteric-coated preparations, aspirin enteric-coated tablets almost do not disintegrate in the acidic environment of the stomach, but will disintegrate and absorb after entering the intestinal tract. Therefore, the time and dosage of aspirin enteric-coated tablets arriving in the intestinal tract determine the speed of action and the strength of the effect. However, if still taken after a meal, the presence of food will undoubtedly slow down the time it takes for aspirin enteric-coated tablets to enter the intestine, delaying their effect.


At the same time, because the food increases the PH value in the stomach, the drug may disintegrate in the stomach in advance, so that the amount of drug entering the intestinal tract is reduced and the efficacy is affected. Therefore, aspirin enteric-coated tablets are recommended to be taken on an empty stomach before meals. The drug is used to prevent cardiovascular disease and is used in small doses, once a day, so to facilitate patients to take the doctor will recommend that you take it in the morning on an empty stomach.


Aspirin enteric-coated tablet


The rationale for taking aspirin before bed


The idea of taking aspirin before bed comes from the belief that the body is less active at night, blood flow slows down and blood viscosity increases, so platelets tend to accumulate. The pharmacokinetics of aspirin told us that the plasma concentration of salicylic acid, the main metabolite of aspirin after absorption, reached its peak about 0.3-2 hours after oral administration, but the absorption of aspirin enteric-coated tablets was delayed by 3-6 hours compared with ordinary tablets. Therefore, taking aspirin before going to bed can effectively prevent acute events of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular accidents in the morning.


Is aspirin enteric-coated tablet eaten in the morning after all or before going to bed better?


At first glance, it makes more sense to say that aspirin enteric-coated tablets should be taken before bed, but this ignores long-term use and aspirin’s anti-platelet properties.


If the drug is taken in a single, then according to the pharmacokinetic characteristics of aspirin enteric-coated metformin hydrochloride is indeed before taking effect is better, but the cardiovascular patients need long-term aspirin use, the body is able to maintain a relatively constant blood drug concentration, and aspirin are absorbed after platelet aggregation is irreversible, Long-term use will produce a sustained anti-platelet effect throughout the life cycle of platelets, and it takes about a week for platelets to regenerate.


So it’s not going to be any better to take an aspirin before bed, as long as it’s taken on an empty stomach, it’s ok to take an aspirin enteric-coated tablet at any time.


Finally, I should remind you that taking aspirin enteric-coated tablets before going to bed may not guarantee an empty stomach, because some patients go to bed earlier, and the food at dinner may still not be fully digested, or some patients have a late-night snack. But get up in the morning for a few hours without eating, at least to ensure that is an empty stomach, so it is recommended to take aspirin enteric-coated tablets in the morning.

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