Autumn is the season to pick herbs, more than 20 kinds of herbs have great effects!

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Autumn is the best season of excavation of Chinese herbal medicine, have the honor to recognize medicine herb gathering along with the science team cap peak mountain, although the circle of friends is the rhythm of the typhoon is coming, the autumn wind with the heavy rain, but does not affect the team’s appetite, follow steps, are all the way of Chinese herbal medicine, the first by a senior pharmacist to us the medicinal efficacy, we have added the use of drugs and interesting allusions, Chinese traditional medicine.


1, okra


Looks like chili, also known as chili, has a very high economic use and edible value, also known as plant “Viagra”, kidney zhuang Yang, can also treat sore throat, urine, prevent diabetes, protect gastric mucosa.




It is the vascular bundle of the mature fruit of gourd gourd or gourd gourd. It is cool, sweet and enters the lung, stomach and liver meridian. Activate meridians, clear heat and detoxify, diuresis and detumescence, hemostasis. It is mainly treated with pain in chest and hypochondria, rheumatism and pain, muscles and veins, women’s menstrual closure, milk obstruction, phlegm-heat cough, heat-toxic carbuncle, hemorrhoid leakage, edema, poor urination, hematochezia and hemorrhage.


3, the sky green fragrance


Also known as sweet green incense, diet vegetables, wild evergreen shrubs three head round, tight edge, half hard holding the heart, sub-sockets, happy tongue, shoulder flat, scape tall and straight and long, but the color is not clean green. The bracts are purple, the leaves are half drooping, sharp, thick, and the foot shell is low. It has the functions of preventing cancer and fitness, clearing heat and detoxification, lowering blood pressure and fat, removing greasy and recovering wine, and regulating human physiological function.


4, mulberry


Deciduous trees, mulberry leaves are ovate wide ovate, apex tip or gradually short tip, base round or heart-shaped, sawtooth coarse blunt, mulberry leaves sparse wind heat dissipation, mulberry branches dispel wind and dredge meridians, mulberry seeds fill liver and kidney, mulberry white skin diarrhea lung asthma. Medicinal believe that the quality of the cream is good.


5,Chinese ginseng


Moss pedicularis, perennial herbs. All herbal, bitter and cool. Collect poison, raw muscle, clear stomach heat. Indications: treat meat poisoning, bacon wood protection disease. Great tonic vitality, sheng Jin calm god, strong heart. Treatment of qi and blood deficiency, deficiency of sweat, collapse and failure, blood pressure reduction.


6, lemon


It is a small evergreen tree of ruviaceae, with little or almost no thorns in its branches, dark purplish red in its tender leaves and flower buds, thick papery leaves, oval or oval in shape, and rich in citric acid and vitamin C, which can reduce phlegm and cough, produce fluid and invigorate the stomach. It is used for bronchitis, whooping cough, loss of appetite, vitamin deficiency, heat stroke and thirst, and other symptoms. It is the bane of “scurvy”.


7, basil


With a specific aroma, the leaf blade is much shrunted and curled, complete or flattened oval, apex long or acute, base round or broadly cuneate, margin with circular serrate, purple on both sides or above green, the lower surface with many concave spots of glandular scales, shoots purple green, section middle medulla, faint scent, slightly pungent taste. With cold, xuanfei cough, qi and in, an tire, solution of fish and crab poison.


8, cedar


Is a perennial deciduous tree, trees can be more than 10 meters high. Leaves alternate, even pinnate compound leaves, cool, taste bitter flat; Into the lung, stomach, large intestine. Clearing heat and detoxifying, nourishing stomach and qi, nourishing skin and brightening eyes, killing insects. Indications for sores, hair loss, red eyes, lung fever cough, etc.


9, basil


For labiform family basil genus basil, also known as nine tower, with the whole grass medicine. Warm taste. It has the functions of detoxification, dampness and digestion, blood circulation and detoxification. For the treatment of exogenous headache, food distension and gas stagnation, epigastric pain, diarrhea, irregular menstruation, injury from beating, snake and insect bites, wet skin sores, addiction rash, itching and so on.


10, fresh bamboo drain


Phlegm and cough relieving bamboo leaves: clear heart and remove trouble, shengjin, diuresis and drenching


11, Angelica seedlings


Gan, Xin, Wen. Return liver, heart, spleen meridian. Invigorate blood circulation, regulate menstruation and relieve pain, moisten intestines and relieve constipation. It is used for blood deficiency, dizziness, palpitation, irregular menstruation, dyspenorrhea, deficiency and cold, abdominal pain, bowel dryness and constipation, rheumatism and pain, fall injury, ulcer and ulcer.


12, motherwort


For labiaceae, leonurus genus plants, summer flowering. Used raw or for boiling paste. In the summer growth luxuriant flowers are not fully opened when picking, taste hard, cool, invigoration, dispel stasis, menstruation, water elimination, treatment of women with irregular menstruation, fetal leakage and dystocia, the afterbirth clothes, postpartum blood dizzy, blood stasis abdominal pain, breakdown in leakage, urine, blood diarrhea, carbuncle swelling sore; It is the medicine used by ancient doctors to treat gynecological diseases.




13, soil of panax notoginseng


Is the zingiberaceae soil field seven genera of plants, medicinal parts tuber, bitter, warm; Dispersing stasis and detumescence, promoting blood circulation and hemostasis, qi and pain relief. Indications of injuries, rheumatic bone pain, traumatic bleeding, vomiting, epistaxis, menorrhagia, snake bites, tooth bleeding.


14,Field snails


Sweet and salty, cold; Clear heat, benefit water, dehumidify detoxification. For hot constipation, jaundice, beriberi, edema, thirst, hemorrhoids, hematochezia, eye swelling and pain, malignant boils.


15, purslane


Also known as five elements grass, purslane family plants purslane young stems and leaves; Its leaf green, stem red, flower yellow, root white, son black. Cold, sweet taste; Into the heart, liver, spleen, large intestine; Clearing heat and detoxification, benefiting water and dampness, dispersing blood and reducing swelling, dedusting and sterilization, anti-inflammatory and analgesic, hemostasis and cooling blood. Indications of dysentery, enteritis, nephritis, postpartum uterine bleeding, hematochezia, mastitis, etc.


16,Waterline grass


Also known as umbrella room flower ear grass, characteristics and characteristics of annual herbs, stems and branches four prism-shaped, branched, erect or trailing. Leaves opposite, subsessile, membranous, linear, slightly coarser on both sides, midrib subsiding on leaf surface, in ravine grass, river, open land, forested meadow, roadside, hillside, field side, field side. Cold taste bitter, into the lung, large intestine two meridian. It can clear away heat and detoxify. Malaria, intestinal carbuncle, swelling, burns.


17,Pearl grass


Also called leaf bead, shape like mimosa, for euphorbia plant leaf bead dry whole grass. Stems with purplish red, longitudinally angled. Leaves alternate, imbricate, forming two rows, very pinnate, leaf blade oblong, all green, apex acute or obtuse, base rounded, rarely petiolate. Summer and autumn along the stalk leaves below open white florets, no flower stalk. Flower after the oblate small fruit, shape such as beads, arranged in the false compound below. Cool, sweet and bitter taste, into the liver, lung meridian, with liver clearing heat, water, detoxification, infiltration, eyesight effect. It is mainly used for infectious hepatitis, infantile chancre, nephritis edema, urinary tract infection, fire eye pannus and so on. It can also be used for treating mouth sore, head sore, toothache and so on.




Herbs perennial, rhizome to 50 cm high, leaves all root-like, leaf blade smooth, broadly ovate, margin undulate, with indistinct obtuse teeth, five main veins, rhizome short and thickened, densely with whiskers. With diarrhea, diuresis, expectorant, cough, asthma and other effects.


19,Catclaw grass


It is the root of the ranunculaceae plant, named for its fleshy root, several clusters, nearly fusiform, yellow-brown skin, resembling a cat’s paw. Dissipate phlegm and disperse knot, detoxify and detumescence. Symptoms: scrofula, malignant boils, snake bites, migraines, malaria, toothache. Tuberculosis, lymph node tuberculosis, lymphadenitis, pharyngitis.


20,Houttuynia cordata


Also known as “folding ear root”, the stem is flat cylindrical, twisted, alternate leaves, leaf folds, flattened and heart-shaped, dark yellowish green to dark brown on the upper surface, gray green or gray brown on the lower surface; Petiole slender, base and stipule united into a sheath. It has a strong fishy smell when rubbed. Taste, slightly cold; To the lung, bladder, large intestine. It has the function of clearing heat and detoxification, resolving phlegm and discharging pus to eliminate carbuncle, diuresis and detumescence. In charge of lung heat asthma cough, lung carbuncle vomit pus, laryngeal moth, hot dysentery, malaria, edema, carbuncle swelling sore poison, heat, eczema, anal proselyte, etc.


21, tsao


Herbs perennial or slightly subshrubby, plants have a strong aroma. Stems solitary or few, brown or grayish-yellowish brown, base slightly woody, upper venomous, with a few short branches, leaves thick papery, grayish-white pubescent above, base usually without pseudostipules or minuscule pseudostipules; Upper leaf and bract leaf pinnate cleft, head elliptic. The whole herb is used as medicine, such as warming menstruation, removing dampness, dispersing cold, hemostasis, anti-inflammatory, relieving asthma, relieving cough, placenta, and anti-allergy. Mugwort leaves are dried and mashed to produce “mugwort”, which can be used for moxibustion and as raw material for “ink pad”.


22, Mr. Duck feet


It is the whole grass or root of Artemisia annua in compositae. The original form of artemisia annua is a perennial herb, and the height is 60-150cm. Taproot obvious, lateral root slender; Rhizomes short, erect, longitudinally branched above. Dispel wind and relieve cough, promote blood circulation and disperse stasis. Cure headache, cough, diarrhea, blood in stool, blood in urine, amenorrhea, leucorrhea, postpartum abdominal pain, Yin and gangrenous swelling and pain, injuries caused by falls, soup and fire.


23,Golden chicken feather grass


Also known as white back vegetables, bright moon vegetables, white seed vegetables, chicken hair vegetables, light taste, cold, with heat and detoxification, hemostasis, cold blood and other effects, can treat acute conjunctivitis, children with high fever, cardiopulmonary heat accumulation.


24, mint


It is a perennial herb with four arrowed stems, opposite leaves, red, white or lavender flowers, and cool fragrance of the stems and leaves. It is an annual herb with four arrowed stems, opposite leaves, red, white or lavender flowers, and cool fragrance of the stems and leaves, and it enters the lung meridian and the liver meridian. Evacuate the wind heat, clear the head, benefit pharynx rash, liver line qi.


Finally, I would like to remind you that although herbal medicine is good, it is recommended to take it under the guidance of a qualified doctor. If you mix or dosage is not well controlled, it may cause poisoning.

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