Combined medication regimen for 6 common pediatric diseases

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NO.1 Pediatric cold


Typical symptoms: mild symptoms: only nasal symptoms such as runny nose, stuffy nose, sneezing, etc. Also available are tears and slight cough or throat discomfort. In severe cases, the body temperature can reach 39-40 degrees Celsius or reasonably high, accompanied by a feeling of cold, headache, general weakness, loss of appetite, sleep disturbance, etc.. It can spread to the tonsils of the pharynx and can also be complicated by bronchitis and pneumonia.


Representative drugs: pediatric aminophenol xanthamine, Merlin, (baby fever patch)


Combined medication plan 1: Pediatric cold and flu granules + antiviral oral liquid + azithromycin dry mix


Combined drug regimen 2: Pediatric Aminophen Flavonamil + Pediatric Pharyngeal Flat + Cefixime


NO.2 Pediatric cough


Typical symptoms: cough and sputum, itchy throat, fever, shortness of breath


Representative drugs: Pediatric cough and wheezing, Merlin, (antipyretic patch), pediatric pharyngeal pellets


Combined medication plan 1: Pediatric cough granules + Azithromycin dry mix + Bai San Ping


Combined drug regimen 2: Pediatric pharyngeal pellets + Erythromycin pellets + Snake Bile and Chuanbei liquid


common pediatric diseases


NO.3 Pediatric diarrhea


Typical symptom: unformed, watery or egg-flower-like stools, or increased frequency with or without abdominal pain and vomiting.


Representative drugs : Montelukastan, pediatric diarrhea patch


Combined medication plan 1: montelukast + diarrhea patch + amoxicillin granules


Combined drug regimen 2: Montelukast + Mammazine + Cefaclor


NO.4 Pediatric indigestion


Typical symptoms: Intermittent epigastric discomfort or pain, fullness, heartburn (acid reflux), belching, etc. Often there is no appetite, bloating and other discomfort.


Representative drugs: Oral Liquid for Children, Stomach and Noma Granules


Combined medication plan 1:  Jian’er Dissolving Food Oral Liquid + Noon Tea Granules


Combined medication plan 2:  Children’s Seven Star Tea + Gastric Relief Tablets + Zinc Gluconate Oral Liquid


NO.5 Pediatric constipation


Typical symptoms: Decreased frequency of bowel movement, once every 2-3 days or longer, irregularity, dry and hard feces, often accompanied by a sense of difficulty in defecation.


Representative drugs: Pediatric seven-star tea, honeysuckle lotion


Combined medication plan 1: Pediatric Seven-Star Tea + Curette + Honey


Combined medication plan 2: Si Mo Tang + Lactobacillus tablets + Kai Lu Cai


NO.6 Pediatric Anorexia


Typical symptoms: vomiting, loss of appetite


Representative drugs: Lysine B12 granules, zinc, iron and calcium granules


Combined drug regimen 1: Zinc gluconate oral solution + stomachic and appetite tablets + fish oil for children


Combined medication plan 2: Lysine B12 granules + calcium, iron and zinc oral solution + Happy Growth

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