Do you know about the correct use of Panax notoginseng?

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It has been widely used to prevent and treat colds and flu, and it is also one of the most frequently used herbal medicines in the daily treatment of colds. So how much do you know about the correct use of Banlangen?


Banlangen granules


It is the dried root of the woad plant of the cruciferous family, bitter in taste and cold in nature. It belongs to the heart and stomach meridians. It has the efficacy of clearing heat and detoxifying, cooling the blood, and relieving the throat. It is used in treating fever, warm diseases, sore throat, mumps, mumps, mumps, canker sores, swollen throat, dry mouth and throat, swollen cheeks due to heat in the lung and stomach; acute tonsillitis and mumps with the above symptoms.


Banlangen is widely used clinically for antiviral, antibacterial, and has the function of anti-tumor and enhancing the immunity of the body. It can be used to treat common cold, influenza, acute pharyngitis, acute tonsillitis, acute mumps, epidemic B encephalitis, infectious hepatitis, etc. caused by warm and toxic evil. It can also be used to treat diphtheria, pneumonia, oral mucosal ulcers, etc.


Banlangen is not suitable for all colds. There are many types of colds, such as wind-heat colds, wind-cold colds, seasonal colds (epidemic colds), deficiency colds and so on. These different types of colds are different in terms of clinical medication. Banlangen is cold in nature and belongs to the purifying and detoxifying medicine, but it can also cool the blood, reduce swelling and throat. Therefore, Banlangen can be used to treat wind-heat cold and influenza A, but it is not suitable for other types of cold. In addition, even for the same wind-heat cold, there are individual differences between patients such as dampness and internal heat, so Banlangen is not suitable for patients with wind-heat and dampness colds.




The people for whom Banlangen is suitable.


The contraindications to the use of Banlangen are that it is contraindicated for those with non-real fire and heat toxicity, and caution for those with spleen and stomach deficiency cold. The following three groups of people should be cautious in taking Banlangen.


① cold body. If you do not use it properly, it will easily hurt your spleen and stomach and cause stomach pain, coldness, diarrhea, weakness, loss of appetite and other adverse symptoms.


②The elderly and young children who are weak. It is used for the treatment of wind-heat, for the elderly and infirm, improper use or prolonged use, there will be fear of cold, cold limbs, loss of appetite and other adverse reactions. The body function of young children is not yet complete development, overdose of Banlangen will lead to damage to stomach gas, easy to cause indigestion and other symptoms.


③ drug allergic people. Some people have special constitution, will be allergic to Panax notogins, manifested as dizziness, vomiting, panic, skin rash, sometimes for the whole body polymorphic erythema type drug rash, serious cases of blood pressure drop and anaphylactic shock, resuscitation is not timely will be life-threatening, need to go to the hospital in time to deal with.


Related applications of Banlangen.


It can be used alone or together with honeysuckle and thornbush to disperse wind-heat; if wind-heat attacks and throat swelling and pain, it is often used together with Xuan Shen, Ma Bo and Burdock.


If it is used for treating warming disease, with redness and swelling of the head and face and sore throat, it is often combined with Xuan Shen, Lian Qiao, and Burdock, such as Pu Ji Disinfectant Drink (Dong Yuan Trial and Effect Formula).


Adverse reactions of Panax notoginseng.


It has been reported that Panax notoginseng can cause digestive symptoms or hemolytic reactions when taken orally; its injection can cause allergic reactions such as urticaria, erythema multiforme, allergic dermatitis, multiple granulomas and anaphylaxis, etc., which should be noted.


Before we take Banlangen, we should read the relevant matters on the instructions, use the medicine for the symptoms, or follow the doctor’s advice, not to abuse the medicine indiscriminately.

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