Don’t use aspirin indiscriminately. Don’t take these six side effects seriously

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Aspirin is a crystalline powder drug. It has a significant effect on the treatment of colds, influenza and other diseases. In addition, aspirin can also be used to resolve toothache, headache and other diseases. Although aspirin is widely used, drugs have certain toxicity, so aspirin also has certain side effects. Let’s learn about it together.


Side effects of aspirin:

1、 Nephrotoxicity

Aspirin will have a certain impact on human kidney, which is mainly manifested in proteinuria, polyuria, and even acute tubular necrosis or acute renal failure. If the above symptoms occur after taking aspirin, be sure to go to the hospital for renal function examination, and pay attention to the two indicators of hematuria nitrogen and serum creatinine. If these two indicators increase, it indicates that aspirin has caused damage to renal function.


2、 Digestive tract reaction

Common gastrointestinal abnormalities caused by aspirin are usually nausea, epigastric discomfort, pain and so on. This is because aspirin will stimulate the human gastric mucosa. If the stimulation is direct, it will lead to the above symptoms. The above symptoms will disappear after stopping taking aspirin. It should be noted that patients taking aspirin for a long time must pay attention to the color and shape of their usual stool, because long-term taking aspirin may lead to gastrointestinal bleeding. The most direct manifestation of gastrointestinal bleeding is that the stool is black.


Side effects of aspirin


3、 Allergic reaction

Aspirin can also cause allergic reactions in the human body, but the probability is very low. About two thousandths of patients will have allergic reactions because of taking aspirin.


4、 Blood system damage

Because aspirin can inhibit the adhesion of platelets, once platelets adhere, coagulation factors are difficult to be released, resulting in prolonged bleeding time. In the patients taking aspirin, very few will have hematuria, and the hematopoietic function of bone marrow is inhibited.


5、 Hearing impairment

If you take aspirin for a long time, there is a certain chance that it will lead to human hearing loss, but don’t worry. If the hearing loss is caused by taking aspirin, you only need to take sodium bicarbonate after stopping the medication.


6、 Addiction

Aspirin is dependent and addictive to some extent, and because aspirin is not a central nervous system drug, it is difficult to get rid of aspirin addiction once it is addicted.


All in all, these are some side effects of aspirin. These side effects are common side effects of aspirin. In addition, such as liver function damage and drug-induced rash are rare side effects. Each drug has a certain toxicity, so it is best to follow the doctor’s advice and use drugs reasonably before taking aspirin.

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