Have you seen all the “5 wild herbs” growing in the mountains

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Grow in the mountains, there are many precious plants, they are not on weekdays and, what’s more, after some people crazy for money after mining, many precious wild plants is running out, such as today to introduce the “five big wild herb“, literally a has a high value, do not know everybody met? Now take a look down to know it!


Golden Clematis


Speaking of this kind of plant, it may look familiar to many people, but when you look for it, you will find that there is no such plant in the area where you had the impression of the clematis. In fact, this kind of plant, since ancient times is the royal treasures, its medicinal value is very high, now people also like to use it to drink soup, sometimes you can not even buy pure wild clematis.


Caulis dendrobii


 wild herb


Dendrobium is also a kind of precious plants like to grow in warm and humid environment, since ancient times, known as fairy grass, its medicinal value is also very high, many people also like to pot dendrobium soup to repair the body. Although now growing dendrobium friends more and more, but the wild dendrobium is still expensive, after all, the wild environment growing dendrobium, the substance contained in it really will be more!


Wuling Ginseng


Seen black spirit and the precious medicinal materials may be a lot less, because the spirit is actually a kind of fungi, like usually scattered raw surface, or spread, like deep in the underground half a metre long, especially like the black soil cave of termites, belongs to a kind of rare precious medicinal materials, then particularly expensive, but also not necessarily can get!


Purple ganoderma lucidum


Purple ganoderma lucidum, a top-grade ganoderma lucidum, likes to grow at the base of rotten maple trees. The production of purple ganoderma lucidum is very limited in the country, so when it comes out, it is almost always picked up immediately. Especially purple ganoderma lucidum has a strong anti-aging effect, so it is very popular with some beautiful women, often take it can make people’s body and skin become more healthy!


Wild ginseng


Although the ginseng on the market now very much, that an area, especially in changbai mountain ginseng is like radish cluster sales market, but for the wild hill, as long as it is in the year, the price will be very expensive, if they could be 50 years on the hill, as long as one, also is almost being rob to buy! In short, the longer the year, the more expensive it is!

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