The advantages and disadvantages of five types of hepatitis B antiviral drugs, did you choose the right one?

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As we all know, the core treatment of hepatitis B patients is antiviral treatment, antiviral treatment is a long process, and during the antiviral treatment, there will be a variety of other side effects such as drug resistance. Therefore, it is particularly important to choose the correct and suitable antiviral drugs. Before choosing, you should first understand what kinds of nucleoside antiviral drugs are, and what are their advantages and disadvantages.The advantages and disadvantages of five types of hepatitis B antiviral drugs:


1、 Lamivudine


1,Its antiviral effect is relatively fast, and the recovery time after liver function injury is relatively fast;


2,The price is relatively low;


3,However, because the high drug resistance rate of lamivudine affects its curative effect, it is no longer recommended as a first-line drug. Some data show that the drug resistance rate of lamivudine reaches about 70% after five years of treatment, so the drug resistance rate is very large.


2、 Adefovir dipivoxil


1,It has the following characteristics: first, it takes effect quickly;


2,The difference between lamivudine and lamivudine is that the drug resistance rate has been greatly improved and the drug resistance rate has been significantly reduced;


3,The disadvantage is that adefovir dipivoxil will cause obvious renal damage after perennial application. Some data show that generally, after five years of medication, the proportion of creatinine increase reaches about 3% – 8%, so its renal damage is gradually aggravated.


Adefovir dipivoxil is the second nucleoside antiviral drug after the production of lamivudine, but it is not used as a first-line drug now.


 hepatitis B antiviral drugs


3、 Entecavir


1,It has the following functions: first, it takes effect quickly;


2,Second, after liver function injury, it can promote the prognosis of liver function in the short term of taking medicine;


3,Third, its drug resistance is also very low, so it is popularized in clinic. Now the proportion of application is relatively high, so it is recommended to be used as a first-line drug.


Entecavir belongs to the third kind of nucleoside drugs. In recent ten years, it is an ideal drug among such drugs introduced and imported in China.


4、 Tenofovir fumarate (TDF)


1,It has the advantages of rapid effect and rapid recovery of liver function;


2,Its disadvantage is that it causes obvious renal injury and bone injury, especially affecting the absorption of calcium and phosphorus.


The analysis of research data shows that entecavir is better than tenofovir axetil in causing kidney injury and bone destruction. Therefore, entecavir is more selected in their two options.


Why do nucleoside drugs affect bone? After kidney injury, nucleoside drugs will lead to the absorption of phosphorus in renal tubules, the increase of urinary phosphorus excretion, and the continuous release of bone phosphorus into the blood, which will eventually lead to the decline of bone mineral density, the occurrence of osteoporosis, and even fracture.


5、 Propofol tenofovir dipivoxil (TAF)


1,The advantage of propofol tenofovir axetil over tenofovir fumarate is that it greatly reduces the therapeutic amount of drugs;


2,Second, it can also greatly reduce the degree of renal damage, and its incidence of renal damage is very low.


The above is the introduction of nucleoside antiviral drugs. The fundamental purpose of antiviral treatment of chronic hepatitis B is to permanently inhibit the recurrence of hepatitis B virus, delay the progress of disease, reduce or even avoid the occurrence of liver cirrhosis and liver cancer, and improve the quality of life and life of patients. When you choose antiviral drugs, you must go to a regular hospital to find a professional doctor, combined with your own situation, to find drugs suitable for you.

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