The top three folk Chinese herbal medicines have extraordinary efficacy and are the dream of herb gatherers. They are more expensive than gold

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In our field in nature, there are a lot of kinds of value is very precious, utility is the magic of wild plants, such as the average person is difficult to identify wild herbs, these wild herbs for the people, is a kind of very good grass “treasure”, as long as used properly, and in the right place, these wild Chinese herbal medicine can exert a great value. Among the many wild Chinese herbs, of course, there are also some very famous, they are highly sought after by people, until today, the price in some medicinal materials market is very high.


Of course, special plants like Chinese herbal medicine often grow in some wild areas with proper natural environment protection. It is difficult to see wild herbs in big cities. So today I will tell you about the three most famous wild Chinese herbs in the folk. Their efficacy is strong enough to rank among the top of many herbal medicines, and the economic value they can create is also very large, which is highly sought after by many farmers, who are willing to spend a lot of time in the wild to find them.


Type 1: ginseng


Chinese herbal medicines


When it comes to wild Chinese herbal medicine, many people think of ginseng for the first time. In particular, changbai Mountain ginseng is famous all over the country, and the reason why this medicine can have such a great reputation is because it has been a popular wild herbal medicine since ancient times. The drug effect is very amazing, for the body of the great tonic, and the most important is that it is used in a very diverse way, now in the medicinal market, wild ginseng is basically no market, a “ginseng” is difficult to find.


Type 2: Polygonum multiflorum


There are many records of this herb, polygonum multiflorum, which have been handed down from ancient times. Many people believe that multiflorum multiflorum is an excellent Chinese herbal medicine to rival wild ginseng in potency, so it is also on par with ginseng in reputation. Many years ago, when the natural environment was not destroyed, wild polygonum multiflorum was seen from time to time, but today, wild polygonum multiflorum has become something of a folk tale. Its price in the medicinal market, also calculated by gram, can be said to be more expensive than gold.


Type 3: cordyceps sinensis


There is a very strange legend about the wild Chinese herb cordyceps sinensis. That is, this herb is a worm in winter and a blade of grass in summer, and this legend is widely believed among the people. So there is such a strange legend spread, the efficacy of cordyceps sinensis is also widely praised by countless people, but at present, many farmers are spending a long time, it is difficult to find a wild cordyceps sinensis in the wild, which is a pity.


Ok, so the above is about the introduction of the folk three best Chinese herbal medicine, I do not know everyone after reading, what are the supplements? Here will update a lot of practical and interesting medical articles every day, wait for you to see, we learn together and make progress.

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