What are the commonly used antiviral drugs for hepatitis B patients?

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With the increase of the prevalence of hepatitis B, various kinds of drugs for hepatitis B have appeared. Then, some people have asked, what are the commonly used drugs for hepatitis B patients? Here I’ll explain it to you!


There are two kinds of commonly used antiviral drugs: nucleoside (acid) analogues and interferon.


1、 Nucleoside (acid) analogue


It belongs to oral drugs, including entecavir (ETV), tenofovir fumarate dipivoxil (tenofovir fumarate, TDF), propofol tenofovir fumarate (TAF), lamivudine, telbivudine, adefovir fumarate, clavudine, etc.




The latest anti hepatitis B virus first-line drugs, most suitable for hepatitis B virus replication is more active, serum aminotransferase ALT continues to rise and liver histology showed active lesions, and not easy to cause too much side effects.


2,Tenofovir fumarate dipivoxil (tenofovir fumarate, TDF)


Commonly used first-line anti HBV drugs are suitable for patients with chronic hepatitis B. Tenofovir can inhibit the replication of hepatitis B virus and stabilize the disease, and to a certain extent can reduce the effect of transaminase, which can protect the liver. However, this drug is not commonly used alone, and it needs to be combined with other antiretroviral drugs. This effect will be better and not easy to produce side effects.


3,Propofol tenofovir fumarate (TAF)


The new nucleotide reverse transcriptase inhibitors, commonly used as first-line anti HBV drugs, are effective in treating chronic hepatitis B patients in adults and adolescents (aged 12 years and older, weighing at least 35 kg), with better plasma stability and stronger liver targeting, and can significantly reduce renal impairment and bone mineral density.


antiviral drugs for hepatitis B patients




It has antiviral effect and competitive inhibition on the synthesis and extension of virus DNA strand. The main treatment is chronic hepatitis B and other viral infections. However, because lamivudine is prone to drug resistance in the treatment of hepatitis B, it has not been selected as the first choice for the treatment of hepatitis B.


5,Adefovir dipivoxil


Chronic hepatitis B patients are used to treat hepatitis B virus replication, increase serum aminotransferase activity and liver tissue activity. Adefovir dipivoxil has been gradually eliminated because of its weak antiviral effect and easy to develop drug resistance.


2、 Interferon


It belongs to injection and is divided into ordinary interferon and long-acting interferon.


1,Common interferon


It works by binding to interferon receptor protein and has a short time in the process of treatment.


2,Long acting interferon


Pegylated interferon, also known as pegylated interferon, is the optimization of ordinary interferon. It has a long time in the treatment process. Compared with ordinary interferon, it can obtain relatively high HBeAg serum conversion rate, HBV DNA inhibition and biochemical response rate.


Before nucleoside analogues were developed, only interferon could be used as an antiviral agent for hepatitis B. Currently, the approved interferon therapy in China is peginterferon. α And interferon- α, Hepatitis B virus commonly used interferon is pegylated interferon – α。


All the above drugs are suitable for patients with chronic hepatitis B. If it is acute hepatitis B patients, usually by comprehensive treatment, most patients can get better by taking more rest, supplementation of nutrients and using liver protection drugs.


Special remind: hepatitis B patients must not be allowed to take drugs at random, about which antiviral treatment options for hepatitis B patients choose, when to begin treatment, and when to terminate treatment and for pregnant women or pregnant women, children and other special patients need to go to the hospital under the guidance of professional doctors to avoid medication.

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