What medicine does cold have a fever take to be good quickly? There are differences between adults and children

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Both adults and children will get some minor diseases. Colds are common. If you don’t pay attention, you will get a cold. If you catch a cold, people will go to the hospital or drugstore to buy some medicine, but many people don’t know what medicine to take for a cold and fever. Moreover, there are differences between adult medicine and children’s medicine.


Colds and fever are the most uncomfortable. Especially when parents look at their children suffering from this disease, they feel very uncomfortable. Both adults and children have a cold. What medicine should they take? Then Xiaobian will introduce to you what medicine to take for colds and fever. There are differences between adults and children.


What medicine do adults take for a cold:

If adults have a cold, they can take Gankang, Kangtaike, Kuaike, acyclovir, Jingfang granule and Shuanghuanglian oral liquid for treatment. If they have bacterial infection, they can also take anti-inflammatory drugs such as penicillin or cephalosporin. If they are eaten together, they will make the cold recover faster.


What medicine should children take for a cold:

At present, acetaminophen oral solution is often used in clinic to treat children’s fever. It is an oral solution. The reason why this antipyretic drug should be recommended is that when a child has a fever, the amount of drug to take should be measured according to his body temperature, and the oral solution just meets the requirement. The amount of drug can be accurately taken according to his body temperature, while the general suppository is a fixed amount, so it is not easy to measure.




Another is ibuprofen, which is a new antipyretic drug for children and is highly respected internationally. Its safety and efficiency are much stronger than other antipyretic drugs, and it has little effect on children’s intestines and stomach.


How to prevent cold and fever?

1,Add or subtract clothes in time

Increase or decrease clothes in time according to the ambient temperature to keep the body temperature normal.


2,Do “cold” exercise

Washing your face with cold water can stimulate skin blood vessels and enhance the ability of human body to resist cold and disease.


3,Nutrition should be balanced

Whether the content of immunoglobulin in human body is sufficient or not is one of the factors affecting the immune function of the body. Lack of immunoglobulin will reduce the body’s ability to resist bacteria or viruses. Fish, meat, eggs, milk and bean products have high nutritional value. Attention should be paid to feeding to strengthen the synthesis and utilization of protein. In addition, taking vitamin C and foods rich in vitamin C also play a certain role in prevention.


4,Multi movement

Physical exercise and nutritional balance are equally important, so we should take more exercise at ordinary times, such as running, doing exercises, etc. Walking outdoors in the morning and evening and breathing fresh air can enhance blood circulation, improve physique and immune function.


5,Improve immunity

Modern medical research shows that low self immunity is the root cause of repeated illness. Therefore, we must use efficient and safe means to fundamentally enhance immunity in order to completely get rid of the harm caused by repeated illness. Zinc supplement can improve immunity and eat more zinc supplement foods, such as marine products, melon seeds, walnuts, etc.


The above is to explain to you about what medicine to take for a cold and fever. There are differences between adults and children. I hope it will be helpful to parents. In fact, adults and children can take ibuprofen, but the dose of adults is completely different from that of children. Parents should pay attention to that drugs can’t be taken indiscriminately. If you don’t know, you can go to the hospital to find a doctor to prescribe drugs for you.

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