What medicine prevents Alzheimer’s disease

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Alzheimer’s disease is a common disease in daily life. With the growth of age, the brain cells of patients will deteriorate rapidly, the brain function will gradually decrease, the intelligence will decline, and the emotion and personality of patients will also change. Patients are sometimes very depressed, sometimes very excited, and even affect the quality of life. So many people want to know, what medicine can prevent Alzheimer’s disease? Let’s have a look.


What drugs prevent Alzheimer’s disease:

The study found that the middle-aged people with insufficient vitamin D level have faster mental decline, and the risk and probability of Alzheimer’s disease are relatively greater. In order to prevent Alzheimer’s disease, it is very important to supplement an appropriate amount of vitamin D in daily life. Here we recommend that you use Yueer vitamin D drops.


prevent Alzheimer's disease


Yueer vitamin D drops can affect calcium and phosphorus metabolism, regulate hormone secretion, affect immune function, regulate cell proliferation and differentiation, so as to prevent and assist in the treatment of a variety of diseases. It also has an obvious effect on promoting intestinal calcium absorption. The study found that vitamin D3 was insufficient, and the absorption rate of calcium was only 10-15%; When the human body is full of vitamin D3, the absorption rate of calcium can be increased by 3-4 times. This shows the importance of vitamin D3 supplementation.


Daily care for patients with senile dementia:

The clothes prepared for patients should be of good quality, especially the underwear should be soft and comfortable. It is best to choose pure cotton to avoid the chemical fiber from sticking to the body in case of discomfort to the old skin or accidental fire. At the same time, the clothes should be loose. It is best to choose fabrics that do not need to be ironed for the coat, try not to use zippers, and it is best to use buttons or cloth straps to replace zippers to prevent zippers from hurting patients.


Patients should eat more foods containing vitamins and minerals, such as grains, lean meat, beans and seafood. Proper intake of various water-soluble and oil-soluble vitamins can improve human immunity. In addition, various minerals, such as zinc, iron, calcium and phosphorus, also have the function of delaying aging. Don’t eat too much, too greasy or too delicate, and don’t eat too much animal fat.


The room should be spacious, tidy, simple facilities, sufficient light, and there should be no obstacles in the room, such as the threshold, so as not to trip the patient. The ground shall be anti-skid, there shall be a guardrail beside the bed, knives, scissors, drugs, pesticides, etc. shall be stored well, gas, power and other switches shall be equipped with safety devices, and patients shall not be allowed to open them at will.


Through the introduction of the above contents, I believe you have understood what drugs can prevent Alzheimer’s disease. The mood of patients with Alzheimer’s disease changes suddenly, often suddenly angry or happy. Family members must be considerate of the patient and avoid quarreling with the patient. Let patients maintain a positive and optimistic attitude in order to better help patients recover.

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