What’s the matter with ibuprofen suspension? Can children still use it? How to reduce side effects

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Recently, ibuprofen suspension caused permanent damage to children. Recently, it was forwarded in the international media, and some people refuted the rumor, but the parents still atomized. What’s the matter with ibuprofen suspension? What is the damage? Can the child still use a fever? How to use scientifically to avoid the side effects of ibuprofen, Alopah would like to share with your parents.


Due to potentially high ibuprofen concentrations, TTIs Pharma voluntarily recalled infant ibuprofen concentrated suspension products. The concentration of this ibuprofen suspension is too high, but there may be permanent kidney damage, so it is voluntary to recall, and provide product batch, dosage form, companies involved, etc. Is there any permanent renal damage? How serious,? How many cases? We don’t know yet, so don’t exaggerate and cause panic among the people.


What is ibuprofen?


1,The main component of ibuprofen suspension is ibuprofen, which is a propionic acid derivative. It is an inhibitor of prostaglandin synthase, so as to reduce arachidonic acid and finally convert it into prostaglandins, prostacyclin and thromboxane (these are factors leading to inflammation and pain). Therefore, ibuprofen has analgesic, antipyretic and anti-inflammatory effects.


What are the pharmacokinetic characteristics of ibuprofen?


To really understand a drug, only understanding pharmacokinetics can make it safer for clinical use.


1,The absorption rate of oral ibuprofen suspension is 85%, and the drug can play its role only when the absorption is relatively high.


2,Under the conventional dose, the best effect of the drug is 1 to 2 hours after oral administration, so the best onset time of ibuprofen is 1-2 hours, so the baby just took ibuprofen and needs to wait patiently for about 2 hours.


3,Ibuprofen suspension has high protein binding rate after oral administration, and the efficacy lasts relatively long.


4,The half-life is 2 hours, so ibuprofen can only be taken orally again after 4-6 hours of high fever.


5,Metabolism occurs entirely in the liver, and inactive metabolites are excreted by the kidney. Children with abnormal liver and renal function should be especially cautious.


How ibuprofen can reduce fever?


The thermoregulation center of children’s fever is in the hypothalamus. The hypothalamus is stimulated by prostaglandin E2 (PGE2) in the blood, resulting in the rise of temperature balance point. At this time, the body defaults to the new temperature regulation as “normal temperature”. Ibuprofen is an inhibitor of prostaglandins. Oral ibuprofen suspension leads to the decrease of prostaglandin E2 level, then the temperature regulation point will gradually decline, Of course, the process of hypothermia needs the participation of neural and humoral regulatory pathways.


What are the side effects of ibuprofen?


1,More common are gastrointestinal reactions, such as abdominal pain, vomiting, abdominal discomfort and so on. Some serious cases have gastrointestinal ulcer and gastrointestinal bleeding, which may be related to individual constitution.


2,If you have a history of severe asthma, careful use may aggravate asthma or lead to asthma.


3,It may cause abnormal renal function, especially when there is obvious dehydration and insufficient circulating capacity.




4,Allergic reactions include rash, urticaria or angioedema, as well as life-threatening severe allergic reactions.


5,Abnormal liver function, liver injury.


Although there may be the above adverse reactions, it is safe and effective to use the conventional dose in children’s fever reduction clinically.


How to use ibuprofen suspension scientifically to reduce side effects?


1,According to body weight, the dose is more accurate, calculated according to 5-10 mg per kilogram. At the same age, the overweight dose is low and the fever is ineffective. If the weight is light, the ibuprofen dose is too large.


2,For children with stomach diseases, try not to use it on an empty stomach, otherwise it is more likely to have gastrointestinal reactions.


3,Do not use it with other compound cold drugs, because compound cold drugs are mainly anti fever ingredients. The total dose of anti fever drugs may exceed the standard in one day, which is more prone to side effects.


4,In the case of insufficient circulating capacity and dehydration, add body fluid and then use antipyretic drugs to reduce the damage of antipyretic drugs to the kidney.


5,Originally, there were peptic ulcer diseases, abnormal liver and kidney functions and bleeding diseases. The use of ibuprofen may aggravate the original condition.


6,Ibuprofen suspension should be stored in a dry and cool place to reduce adverse reactions caused by deterioration or pollution.


7,Ibuprofen suspension can be diluted with warm water to reduce drug concentration and side effects.


8,If the body temperature rises due to heatstroke and excessive coating, ibuprofen antipyretic drugs cannot be used, because it is not caused by inflammatory factors. In addition, poor circulation is easy to cause renal function damage.


The children’s fever guidelines suggest that ibuprofen suspension is recommended as a safe antipyretic drug for babies over 6 months. However, the drug is divided into three parts, and the dose and frequency cannot be increased at will, nor can it be combined with other compound cold drugs, resulting in excessive total antipyretic dose in a day, which is prone to adverse reactions. Many antipyretic drugs have adverse events of skin damage and kidney damage, which are often associated with the combination of other antipyretic drugs. Medication for children shall follow the principle of safety first. Children are not the abbreviation of adults. It is safer to choose special dosage forms for children as far as possible.


Pay attention to children’s disease health knowledge. Please pay attention to alopah. You can leave a message to discuss the use of children’s fever reducing drugs. Remember to share and forward.

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