According to The Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS (UNAIDS), there were 37.6 million people in the world living with HIV in 2020, where 35.9million were adults and 1.7million were children (less than 15 years).Even with the improvements in HIV awareness, access to testing, and improvements in care, there is still some misinformation about HIV/AIDS as seen in the recent controversy with popular American rapper, Dababy.
Men have a fever like AIDS, dizziness, weakness, sore throat, joint pain, rash, superficial lymph nodes and other symptoms of "cold". Some people can also develop diarrhea. This symptom usually disappears after 1-2 weeks, and then the patient enters the asymptomatic incubation period.
AIDS is a very special malignant infectious disease. After AIDS, it is dangerous. At present, the mortality rate is 100%. AIDS is a disease that is caused by HIV infecting the human immune system and central nervous system.
In all kinds of sexually transmitted diseases, such as plague as a color change, and in the spread of a disease related to the whole nation, is AIDS. AIDS is a kind of infectious disease which has no effective treatment at present.
AIDS is a disease that is very frightening. Because we all know that this disease is a disease that is difficult to cure. And the recurrence of this disease is also very strong.
Many AIDS patients, many AIDS patients because of their own bad behavior, infected with AIDS do not know. So, do you know what the symptoms of AIDS will be? How should we prevent AIDS? Now let's learn about it!
Acute symptoms: fever, fatigue, sore throat, general discomfort and other symptoms of upper respiratory tract infection usually occur 1 ~ 2 weeks after exposure to HIV; Some patients have headache, rash, meningoencephalitis or acute multiple neuritis; There are enlarged lymph nodes in the neck, armpit and occipital part, similar to infectious mononucleosis or hepatosplenomegaly.
AIDS is caused by human immunodeficiency virus infection, can directly attack the immune system, thereby damaging the body's multiple systems, and eventually die because of cancer or malignant infection.
How is AIDS treated with drugs? I think this is a concern of HIV infected people, AIDS is an infectious disease, at present for AIDS, more is through the method of oral medication to treat, so as to help control the development of AIDS disease, so specific treatment, let's go to understand it.
A team of US scientists has reported that a novel long-acting antiretroviral drug shows potential in treating HIV (human immunodeficiency virus) infection. Preliminary clinical studies have shown that hiv-infected people who receive a single dose of the drug have a reduced viral load, and that the drug remains active in the body more than six months after injection.
Although our medical technology is constantly updated, there are still some stubborn diseases that cannot be completely cured, and at this time, there are a lot of liars rely on the survival consciousness of patients to cheat, so patients should learn to distinguish between true and false information. So next I will lead you to understand!
Belong to the more serious infectious diseases, HIV/AIDS through sexual transmission, more will be latent after virus invasion of the body, in most of the incubation period without symptoms, like normal people can work and study, but, after the incubation period the virus can attack the lymphatic system and lymphocyte can reduce damage to the immune ability, causing a variety of adverse symptoms
AIDS is a serious disease, so far there are no any treatment method can thoroughly cure AIDS, and AIDS the infectivity is extremely strong, easy to affect individuals and families, and society, so in life to do a good job in prevention to avoid because of AIDS affects their health and quality of life.
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