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Is it a quick-pick lotto ticket — 70, 80, 85, 90 — or just the ever-changing goal posts on the population percentage necessary to reach herd immunity against Covid-19? From the pandemic's beginning to today, there has been a seemingly endless discussion by epidemiologists, virologists and pundits predicting various vaccination thresholds to eradicate or at least contain the virus.
The recent wave of COVID-19 has spread in many provinces and cities, and the epidemic prevention and control is facing a grim situation. The rival of the outbreak is COVID-19, but it has changed to a new look, called COVID-19 Delta.
What is the new crown variant virus delta strain?The delta strain of the new crown variant virus has spread to 92 countries. So, what are the characteristics of delta strain? What is the current communication situation? How to prevent?
Emerge in an endless stream of mutation COVID-19, from Alfa, beta, gamma to del and Miao virus strains, constantly challenge the epidemic prevention and control in various countries. Among them, delta strain has become the main variant strain prevalent in most parts of the world, and it is more infectious.
What is delta virus? What are the characteristics of delta strain? How to prevent vandelta virus? The current situation of novel coronavirus pneumonia is complex and severe. In the face of the changing epidemic situation, do you understand the knowledge of prevention and control of epidemic situation? From today on, follow alopah to learn!
Delta strain, we are no stranger. Compared with the original strain, the mutant strain found in India for the first time is like hanging open, breaking several layers of human defense and completely tearing up the desire to completely clear the new crown with vaccine. However, before people had worked out the countermeasures against Delta, another new mutant strain appeared.
According to novel coronavirus pneumonia, according to the Worldometer report, according to the real-time statistics of Worldometer, as of around 6:30 Beijing time, the total number of confirmed cases of new crown pneumonia exceeded 220 million cases in the world, and 4 million 560 thousand cases were cumulative deaths. More than 700000 confirmed cases and more than 10000 deaths were added in a single day.
2021 COVID-19 news: the vaccination of new crown vaccine has stepped into the exploratory stage in many countries. Alopah noted that according to the statistics of the global change data laboratory, a third-party organization, more than 16 million doses of new crown vaccine booster shots had been vaccinated around the world by September 5.
WHO weekly released by the 25 COVID-19 weekly showed that the world's newly diagnosed cases increased steadily after nearly two months of growth. Over 22 cases a week, more than 4 million 500 thousand cases were basically the same as last week. This week, there were about 68000 new deaths worldwide, an increase of 1% over the previous week.
Recently, with the spread of delta strain, the number of new crown cases in the United States has surged again. According to the data of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and prevention, at present, the average daily new cases in the United States are nearly 130000, an increase of more than 700% compared with the beginning of this round of epidemic in early July.
As the number of confirmed cases of neo-crown in India has slowed since June, the Indian government announced in early July that it was relaxing its outbreak control measures. Experts predict that the mobility of people brought about by the decontrol could lead to a third wave of the new crown epidemic in India by the end of August, but it will be less dangerous than the second wave.
To prevent the epidemic or to promote the economy? This is the problem that has been plaguing many countries in the US and Europe since the outbreak of the new crown epidemic. As vaccination coverage expands, the epidemic is showing signs of easing and some regions are gradually releasing controls in the hope of easing economic recovery.
In order to solve the disaster brought to the people around the world since the outbreak of the new coronary pneumonia, countries around the world have actively explored ways to prevent the virus and developed an effective vaccine. However, because the new coronavirus has the ability to mutate, a mutated strain of Delta has emerged in many parts of the world recently.
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