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As everyone knows, vaccines are the most effective weapon against virus infection and disease transmission. As the new crown vaccine is being hot around the world, it has been proved to be effective in preventing COVID-19 infection. With the development of public health, free vaccination has been carried out in the first category of vaccines in recent years, so that diseases such as smallpox, chickenpox and measles disappeared in the old society.
medical knowledge:Normal heart rate: 75 beats per minute,The average heart rate of healthy adults in a quiet state is 75 beats per minute. The normal range is 60-100 times per minute. When the heart rate of adults exceeds 100 beats / minute at rest, it is tachycardia; If it is less than 60 times / minute, it is bradycardia. Heart rate can vary according to age, gender and other factors.
"Ten diseases and nine itches", the doctor reminded: these itches may be the internal organs "sick". Itching is a very common physiological reaction, but because it is common, we don't take it seriously at all. Even if we itch and scratch, but in fact, itching may indicate a lesion somewhere in our body, which needs attention.
Diabetes has become an epidemic. More than 422 million people worldwide have been treated for life. Science is trying to find a cure for this chronic disease, but how close are we? Can diabetes be cured in 2020? Diabetes is the leading cause of blindness, kidney failure, stroke, amputation and heart attack.
ViaCyte, a stem cell therapy company focused on developing treatments for diabetes, has announced the closing of a $27 million financing round with participation from Bain Capital Life Sciences to further advance the company's development of multiple drug candidates in an effort to provide potential new therapies for diabetes patients.
Diabetes is mainly related to unhealthy eating habits. The occurrence of diabetes is very harmful to patients. It will not only lead to a decline in quality of life, but also induce a series of complications of diabetes. Patients with diabetes will suffer from excessive drinking and polyuria.
The commonly used antidiabetic drugs are divided into eight types according to the mechanism of action, mainly including insulin and its analogues, sulfonylurea secretagogues, metformin α- Glucosidase inhibitor, thiazolidinedione derivative sensitizer, phenylanisic acid derivative secretion promoter, GLP-1 receptor agonist, DPP-4 enzyme inhibitor and Chinese patent medicine.
Don't worry too much about gestational diabetes. You should maintain a relaxed and happy mood, ensure adequate rest, and actively carry out blood sugar management. Once diagnosed as gestational diabetes, you should consult your obstetrician
The lives of many diabetic patients around us are affected by diseases. Not only do we need to pay more attention to diet, but also need medication. If blood sugar is not well controlled, it will cause various complications. So, what is diabetic foot?
Diabetes is a metabolic syndrome caused by a variety of reasons, such as islet function decline or insulin resistance. Among the complications of diabetes, the most common is fatty liver! Fatty liver is caused by excessive accumulation of fat in liver cells. The two seem unrelated, but in fact they are a pair of "mates".
Although our medical technology is constantly updated, there are still some stubborn diseases that cannot be completely cured, and at this time, there are a lot of liars rely on the survival consciousness of patients to cheat, so patients should learn to distinguish between true and false information. So next I will lead you to understand!
Do not see a tooth for a long time, do you know you can be invisibly delay how many illness? The health of your teeth is also an indirect indicator of your physical health.
Diabetes mellitus is a disease related to human metabolism, characterized by high blood sugar and high urine sugar. Diabetes occurs when insulin secretion is deficient or its biological function is impaired. Although there are no obvious symptoms of diabetes, the long-term high blood sugar in diabetes causes chronic and irreversible damage to various tissues of the body, such as eyes, kidneys, heart, nerves, local blood vessels, and organ dysfunction of functional nature.
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