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Is hepatitis B really that terrible? Is it possible to be cured in the next few years? Perhaps after reading the Fudan University study, there are results as to whether a cure is possible. Fudan University's research laboratory published an article in an international academic journal in the field of hepatology, which specifically describes what the multi-year study found.
As we all know, the core treatment of hepatitis B patients is antiviral treatment, antiviral treatment is a long process, and during the antiviral treatment, there will be a variety of other side effects such as drug resistance.
When chronic hepatitis appears, patients are very worried. When this disease appears, it will have a great impact on patients. Therefore, we need to know the symptoms of the disease in advance.
The liver is one of the most important organs for drug biotransformation and metabolism. There are different degrees of dysfunction in liver disease, and various drugs entering the liver often cause excessive metabolic load on the liver, resulting in disruption of the internal environment and aggravating liver damage.
Hepatitis B is a type of hepatitis caused by a virus. China is an endemic area for hepatitis B. About 10 percent of adults are carriers of hepatitis B. There are currently more than 100 million carriers nationwide. These carriers have the virus latent in their liver cells, which can cause chronic hepatitis and increase the risk of cirrhosis and liver cancer.
As parents know, babies need to be vaccinated against hepatitis B after birth to effectively prevent infection and protect their health. However, I believe many parents still have some questions about the hepatitis B vaccine.
Speaking of hepatitis, many people are aware that hepatitis is the "silent killer". Hepatitis is a chronic disease that has been harming the health of more people today. If diagnosed with hepatitis, then should pay attention to, hepatitis is the first step to liver cancer, once not timely conditioning, liver damage will gradually expand, cancer cells in constant destruction, leading to cirrhosis, liver cancer.
World Hepatitis Day observed on 28 July strives to create awareness about this condition. The theme for the World Hepatitis Day 2021 is "Hepatitis Can't Wait."Hepatitis is a disease that causes inflammation of the liver. Hepatitis may be a result of a viral infection or may be due to a non-viral cause.
In 2016, the World Health Organisation (WHO) set an ambitious target to eliminate viral hepatitis by 2030. This was followed by commitments from governments – including African countries – to develop national strategic plans for viral hepatitis and earmark resources to eliminate the disease.
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