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Tired of reading medical books, do you want to have some medical popular science books? Reading books related to your major can not only deepen your understanding of book knowledge, but also broaden your knowledge. Why not? Today, alopah will recommend several medical popular science books, which are excellent products left after the test of time~
Your health depends on your life. For medical workers, they need not only consummate medical skills, but also spiritual food. Theory, experience, medical notes, you read it and you find yourself resonating with the author, you never met him and he's probably long gone. Like a hand in a book, the reader across time and space with your hand tightly clasped.
This dazzling array of medical books, this is the heart of doctors love, webmaster selected this year's most popular six practical medical books, for the majority of readers to read.
It's time to make New Year's resolutions again. Is reading more on your list? This year's publications include a number of leaf-turning memoirs, well-researched prose works and compelling stories. Looking back at 2020, Alopah asked readers and staff to pick what they thought were the best health and science books of the year. Add these titles to your to-read list, or to your Amazon shopping cart, and look forward to reading them in 2021.
Why you should recommend it: Yifang Wang is a professor at the Academy of Medical Humanities, Peking University, and one of China's leading medical humanities scholars. The book is a collection of classic medical works from his nearly 30 years of editing. In addition, He is also the author of Fear for Life -- Dialogue on Medical Humanities (Jiangsu People's Press, 1999), 15 Lectures on Medical Humanities (Peking University Press, 2007), Human Medicine (Jiangsu Education Press, 2008), Is Medicine Science (Guangxi Normal University Press, 2009), What Is Medicine (Peking University Press, 2010).
What are the five books that medical students must read? Here are the five books that Alopah has carefully put together for you to read as a medical student. I hope you enjoy!
A good doctor learns deeply about his patients and strives to gain valuable medical knowledge. Their time, compassion and understanding need to be generously distributed to patients, but also rewarded in the doctor-patient bond, which is the greatest satisfaction in the practice of medicine. One of the basic qualities of a clinician is an interest in human beings themselves, because the secret to caring for a patient is caring for a patient. -- Dr. Francis Weld Peabody
Clerics deciding PTI school curriculum will magnify body-related taboos. Pakistan is now on track to overtake Saudi Arabia as most stoutly conservative.
Here’s something you probably didn’t learn in your school history classes: The great Thomas Edison and his colleagues had a hand in the killing of 44 dogs, six calves and two horses in their attempt to portray alternating current technology as inherently more dangerous than the direct current technology that Edison pioneered.
From the intricacies of the immune system to the first year of residency, these books cover the compelling, the strange, and the meaningful aspects of medicine — as well as the personal triumphs and tragedies of life as a doctor.
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