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Today I would like to introduce a term, called "psychosomatic disease", what is called psychosomatic disease? These are physical diseases that are highly correlated with psychological factors, such as coronary heart disease and high blood pressure.
I may be suffering from postpartum depression. Because I just gave birth, my mood is very bad, I have insomnia and little food, I cry sometimes, and I even have thoughts of dying. But I still have a hard time. Under what circumstances should I go to a psychiatric clinic?
As a parent, every heart was broken and ached for the loss of the child at River Valley High School in Singapore. Statistics show rising rates of mental health issues in young people, so we can no longer assume it won’t happen in our community. We need to be prepared to help, support and encourage our youth, parents and educators to remove the stigma associated with mental health issues.
More often than not, we are preoccupied with things like work, maintaining our friendships and other relationships, and checking in with our families. And as much as we enjoy taking care of others, it’s also important to check-in with yourself. Making time for you is key to your physical and mental health.
You’ve probably heard of it before: toxic positivity. It’s often a well-meaning but misconstrued belief that people should put a “positive spin˚ on all experiences”, even those that are found to be tragic.
It's no secret that studies show that sexually diverse youth - in particular, lesbian, gay and bisexual (LGB) youth - use more cannabis and experience more mental health challenges than their heterosexual peers.
Despite significant medical advancements related to HIV treatment and quality of life, the risk of suicide in patients is high and health care providers should prioritize mental health screenings in this population.
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