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Winter and autumn are approaching, and many countries are speeding up vaccine purchase to deal with the current and future crises. However, some people are cautious, others are bold. After Denmark completely lifted the restrictions, Britain also listed the blockade as the last choice.
No wonder americans refused to vaccinate. Japan found Pfizer hiding a secret and waited for the White House to reply: in the tense global vaccine supply, vaccines are very valuable to many countries. However, in this critical period, the quality of some overseas vaccines is difficult to guarantee, and even foreign bodies are mixed in the vaccine.
2021 global epidemic dynamics: Putin announced self isolation due to contact with new crown patients, and Hungary will produce Chinese new crown vaccine locally.
Modena submitted data on the booster injection of the new crown vaccine to the United States, saying that the delta antibody exceeded 40 times.In September local time, Moderna (mRNA. US), an American new crown vaccine research and development company, announced that it had begun to submit preliminary data to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to evaluate the effect of its 50 microgram dose of new crown vaccine mrna-1273 booster needle.
At present, a considerable number of countries and regions are still suffering from the epidemic, but nevertheless, some countries are constantly engaging in politicized behavior, such as the United States, Britain and other western countries. Recently, the vaccine production plant of Sinopharm group, led by Sinopharm group and jointly invested by UAE and Serbia, officially started construction in Belgrade, the capital of Serbia.
2021 international epidemic observation: Global.The total number of confirmed cases in the world exceeded 220 million.Novel coronavirus pneumonia cases were diagnosed in 220165153 cases in Beijing at forenoon 8 in September 5th, according to the data from Johns Hopkins University. The cumulative death rate was 4558943, and the vaccination rate was over 5 billion 420 million times.
European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen announced that the EU has achieved its goal of completing vaccination of 70% of the adult population with the new crown vaccine.
A pharmacist found several black particles in a bottle of Moderna vaccine injection. Japan has announced the temporary use of the Moderna New Crown vaccine after foreign objects were found in a bottle of the vaccine. Officials say a pharmacist in Kanagawa Prefecture saw several black particles in a vial of the vaccine.
It is reported that New Zealand's Ministry of Health issued a statement on the 30th, reporting the country's first death related to Pfizer's new crown vaccine. Previously, New Zealand's independent new crown vaccine safety supervision committee reviewed a woman who died after vaccination.
Woodcock, acting director of the U.S. Food and drug administration, said that although the approval involves people aged 16 and over, according to the emergency use authorization, the vaccine can still be used for individuals aged 12 to 15, and provide a third dose for some individuals with low immune function.
On August 23, Pfizer / biontech's new crown vaccine was officially approved by FDA (people over 16 years old). This is a little earlier than the approval expected in September, which proves that the FDA is indeed full mobilization and full speed promotion this time.
The rejection of a new crown vaccine is not just a risk of taking health risks. Once infected with COVID-19, it will pose a major threat to more people. Professor William Schaffner, an infectious disease expert at Vanderbilt University Medical Center in the United States, pointed out in an interview with CNN that people who have not been vaccinated are likely to become "virus mutation factories" after long-term infection.
The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) announced that it had fully approved Pfizer's new crown vaccine. The three major stock indexes opened higher on Monday. Among them, the rise in the middle of the Dow index expanded to more than 300 points, and the peak of the standard index and the NASDAQ index broke through the intraday, with an increase of more than 1%.
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