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A fever can occur in toddlers for a variety of reasons. While not all fevers are serious, certain conditions that cause high temperatures in toddlers need urgent medical attention.
There is little more distressing than to see your baby feeling sick. While most of the colds your little one gets will actually build their immunity, it can be difficult to see your baby feeling less than 100 percent.
Life is stressful when your little one is sick with a cough. Aside from being uncomfortable, your baby may have trouble relaxing and getting the rest they need to feel better.
Women who use electronic cigarettes during pregnancy are 33% more likely than those who don't to give birth to low-birthweight infants, according to a new study by a team of researchers from UCLA and other institutions.
Anemia, a condition in which the number of red blood cells is insufficient to meet the body’s physiologic needs for oxygen transport, affects more than one-third of reproductive-age women worldwide.
Umbilical cords are fetal lifelines, but doctors still don't know a lot about their importance in pregnancy screenings.
While selecting nursery colors and baby names may be among your first thoughts after discovering you’re pregnant, there’s another important choice to make. Who do you want on your health care team for this 40-week journey?
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